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  1. painterskip

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    I've been having the very same problem for about 2 weeks now. I'm in the U.S. Tried support chats with MS twice and both times they gave up....last one told me to go look on the CodeMasters forums. Nice. I also tried downloading from the web site as well as various ways from the console....I still get the same result.....the download bar shows up, goes to 1%, drops back to 0% and then I get a pop up message telling me that it can't be downloaded, even though it says that it's already been downloaded. I also tested other games for which I've purchased DLC by 're-downloading' them. No problems at all. It's ONLY Grid AutoSport. Too bad....I love the game.
  2. I even tried re-downloading many of my previous DLC files for other games, just to see if it had something to do with my hard drive. They all downloaded just fine. I also had changed consoles back in late May, but transferred the license in June. And the support person said it wasn't that, even though, the first few time I tried to DL Legends, I would get a message that it couldn't DL because it was intended (wrong word...) for another unit????  I don't recall the exact words. At least I got my money back, but I want the DLC.
  3. Hi....I purchased the DLC for Grid Autosport called Touring Legends and every time it starts to DL, it reaches 1% and I then get a notice that it can't download. I've been dealing with MS Support for hours and they gave up. Claimed it was CodeMasters because other people had similar issues. So...has anyone else had this issue? Thanks in advance