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  1. LH44Banta

    Classic tracks

    I feel next year/years game have got to have classic tracks let me know what you think. please codemasters make this happen!!
  2. I think with the classic Grand Prix we should all be set in the same car and not have the option
  3. LH44Banta

    Weekly event bug

    I have a problem with the weekly event we’re all my practice programs I did in Austria last week has stayed there for silverstone and when I went to do the track acclimatisation it was the same objective score as Austria and it ended half way
  4. LH44Banta

    DLC. Classic tracks.

    Completely agree would love this to happen
  5. LH44Banta

    Invite to game Xbox one

    There’s no option to invite people to my game please can this be fixed for ranked
  6. LH44Banta

    Corner cutting rules

    The current of F1 2018 ranked is not great because people can literally cheat as it is on regular which is way to nice however I do understand strict is very strict so my idea would be to tone down strict by allowing that small margin for close racing and pushing quali so strict is a must to stop the cheats