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  1. LH44Banta

    Dedicated servers

    Agreed come on everyone get this going get it heard
  2. LH44Banta

    Dedicated servers

    Respect the research put into this mate and all the points made are totally true codemasters really need to consider this is you said 👍👍
  3. LH44Banta

    Dedicated servers

    I think roughly about £10 a month but don’t 100% know right know I’ll get back to you properly when I know exactly
  4. LH44Banta

    Dedicated servers

    Hi there mate it’s ROM BFord, and yeah would be more than happy to pay if all the issues went. It also opens up opportunities for more quality of life options for leagues 👍
  5. LH44Banta

    Dedicated servers

    In acc you pay for a server to run for you where as in f1 you make a lobby and it’s run on the hosts connection plus the game has some issues of lag in general so having a specific server for you only would be perfect
  6. LH44Banta

    Dedicated servers

    So I run a league on Xbox with 2 others and a couple of our drivers suffer with really bad connection on race day however in practice sessions before the race they are absolutely fine. My call for dedicated servers comes from joining an acc league which uses dedicated servers and there are people all over the world racing in this league and there were no connection problems at all. I think this will be a great addition to the f1 games going forwar. Would be interested in hearing other peoples opinions on this 👍👍
  7. LH44Banta

    Fanatec APM xbox compatibility

    Good to know, I’ve been thinking about buying these but couldn’t get a decent awnser for Xbox so thank for clarifying this 👍👍
  8. LH44Banta

    New tracks 2021

    I loved the classic tracks from 2013 and would love to see that back and it’s a topic I’m interested in 👍👍
  9. LH44Banta

    New tracks 2021

    Everyone put what tracks they would like Tracks I would like: Obviously the new 2020 tracks magny cors malysia jerez istanbul brands hatch for the love of doing a sub 1 min lap😂😂
  10. LH44Banta

    New tracks 2021

    Now as most of you know codemasters have confirmed they won’t add the new tracks but I would love to see them added as bonus tracks on f1 2021 and future games. I mean they could even add older tracks
  11. LH44Banta

    Latest online services maintenance

    Thanks 👍👍
  12. LH44Banta

    Latest online services maintenance

    I’ve just seen the bug report on this any rough eta on the update for it?
  13. LH44Banta

    Latest online services maintenance

    Just a quick question @BarryBL did this maintenance sort out the online services screen during races?
  14. Yep I get this a lot this is the only thing stopping me from starting the league I run
  15. LH44Banta

    Communicating with online services

    Yeah this always happens to me on Xbox in multiplayer and usually happens to every one else in the lobby