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  1. Ozmodion

    GRID AUTOSPORT - Fanatec Issue

    unfortunately no i have been playing with the controller and have not experienced the same issue. Could it be Autosport doesnt really support the Fanatec wheel fully and thats why the controlls are degrading further into the game? i do not get this issue using the wheel on other games like F1 2012, so i'm thinking its just a compatibility issue with the wheel and the game.
  2. Hi all, Please can somebody help, I have a Fanatec CSR wheel and play this game on PC. My PC Spec is high end with a quad core 3.2 core processor and an AMD Radion R9 280 4gb GPU. When I play this game I play using eyefinity (triple screen) running about 30fps.  When I start this game everything is fine, I start a career race and go through the practice, qualifying and then the race.  It doesn't matter what style of race I compete in, when I get about 10 mins into the game things start to goo funny, I start loosing responses from the wheel like when I change gear sometimes it does not change or when I take my foot off the gas and onto the break I get response lag and crash out cus the game thinks im still accelerating when I have my foot on the break.  The more I play the game the worse it gets until I eventually have to turn the game off and start again. I have other racing games like F1 2012 and Test Drive Unlimited 2, and the wheel does not fail in the way it does with Grid Autosport, which tells me that the wheel is working fine. I have all the latest drivers and firmware for the wheel and the game. Am I missing something in the game settings?  Is the car degrading as the race progresses? I have the settings set to cosmetic only. please can somebody help me with this as i want to play the game but cannot finish a race with the car in full control. Oz