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  1. PatSpence96

    Cant hear jeff

    Same for me here Can hardly hear him unless I hold the controller in an unnaturally raised position. or raise the volume on the console settings to almost the highest setting.
  2. PatSpence96

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I think it works the same as any other game as for displaying if you are on the game or not. If your console PSN Account setting is set to where it isn't visible that you are online then it will not show what you are on.
  3. PatSpence96

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    No E-Mail just yet but (fingers crossed) hopefully, I'ts coming - It's probably going to be my last chance to do this for a while as I likely won't be getting a PS5 straight away when it comes out - I can see the Beta forum pages. I don't know if that means anything - but positive thinking never hurt anyone.
  4. PatSpence96

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    It's definitely good to think positively like that, I'm hopeful for either today or tomorrow. I'm not going to be surprised if things are delayed until next week, especially with everyone working on their own at home.
  5. PatSpence96

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I checked the date that I got the email telling me I was in for last years 2019 Beta on the 14th of May. So I'd say to all the people constantly saying when it's going to come - Just be patient and wait. Once Content Creators start being allowed to put videos out it shouldn't be too long. I will be optimistic and say hopefully the end of next week we might know who's in and who isn't.
  6. PatSpence96

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    See one of the many previous responses to this exact question...
  7. More likely to be a livery that stands out from the existing cars, so something bright - maybe like the Aston Martin Racing lime green as a base colour
  8. Maybe a Jordan style Yellow and Black
  9. PatSpence96

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    In again this year, hopeful for a fourth consecutive successful application. (Fingers crossed)