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F1 2021 | Online Services Update 11:00AM UK Time | Expected to last no longer than 2 hours ×


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  1. I'll try it but i dont think it will work. The problem is in the GFWL.
  2. I dont have that kind of problem with COD MW3 and F1 2012.
  3. I can play with others put cant play with friends. They cant connect the lobby and the other way around i cant connect their lobby.
  4. Same lies over and over again... Its on the way... soon and shit... im sick of it!!!
  5. They first need to fix Dirt 3... Why are they working so slow... Is it that hard or they just dont want to do it because they wont win money!?
  6. Are we gonna play Dirt 3 this year???
  7. SO no answers here? For fuck's sake... why you promise something you wont do...!
  8. So? What happend with the update? Or you guys think that we will forget about it...?! Atleast stop lying and tell is the truth! I think that this is the least we deserve as a loyal customers!!!
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