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  1. My tire had a whole race a party on its own xD. Dancing around my car all the time
  2. Just happened again: I am just standing on the road doing nothing. and again right nwo during the night race 😕
  3. I am regularly stuck in the floor. Most of the time the car can't even start driving and just being stuck at the start. If I can drive the floor collides with with the car at least every second, making non stop crashing noises. Feels like you give the Star Wars Storm Trooper's machine guns and they try deperately to hit you. As far as it seems it only happens when the track has been driven on very often by the AI.
  4. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    ^ There is a WRX-Championship in My Team Career and Free Play. what means positive changes? is it now offline?
  5. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Allright. This is going to be my last comment on this topic. I have said everything there is to say. The remaining issues are in the hands of Codemasters. Thanks to the lack of connectivity to racenet I had plenty of time to play all the offline modes... Which are great so far. All things considered with History Championship, WRX Championship, Custom Championship and TimeTrial all this content is meaty enough and is alone worth the game for me. Heck, even without the Main Career this game might even be a better deal than DiRT3 as a whole was - apart from the lack of LAN and Monte Carlo of course . I get myself now some sweet sweet popcorn and await the sheet-storm that is approaching Codies in a few days. Have fun ranting, signing out, bye.
  6. JackKey

    championship data wiped

    ^ I recommend for you to play the History Campaign in FreePlay for now. Thats at least offline. Really sucks to get a reset after so many cups... I really better try not to restart my Career for now.
  7. JackKey

    RaceNet was a mistake.

    Nothing is wrong with racenet compared to the past. But this time all singleplayer gamers unintentionally hammer down the servers thanks to the Main Career being always onliine.
  8. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Ugh, I had so many connection fails at this point I might better plan to play the MyTeam Career a year later when no cares for DiRT Rally 2.0 anymore...
  9. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    FreePlay is completely available with no internet connection. You get a warning at the start of the game. You get a warning at the end of the first race. After that its quiet. You have absolutely no access to anything in MyTeam-Career Mode But: in FreePlay you have access to: - timetrial - custom championship - where you can define freely in detail everything - Historic Championship - from past to present times - Official WRX Championship this makes in bearable for me longterm if servers are shut down in the future at least there is still plenty to do
  10. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    I don't understand why people even defend it. "But others are doing this too" has always been the worst excuse. I really fear that Codies servers won't hold up on the official release day and then its raining downvotes in mass - with the result no one will buy it. I want Codemasters to do great. I loved their games for a long time now. How can anyone say that this is an over-reaction when the real s-storm is just coming in a few days. I really wonder if this will have a good end.
  11. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    dirt rally 1 had no issues from the very start because single player was single player and multiplayer was multiplayer no single player gamers that flooded the multiplayer-servers
  12. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Obviously, but its called officially Early Access. So it gets called early access because it is early acces - even if it is not what epople commonly understand by early access because they have been used to understand it as something else. More and more publisher sell "early acces" nowadays as premium...
  13. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    btw: its written IN THE STORE
  14. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    stop trying be perfectly correct in a multi-language forum... dude I am just saying what is going to happen I love codemasters, I will always buy their games but that will not stop them from getting bad reputation....
  15. JackKey

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is in early access..... it also says so in the store page. not race.net.... before you get angry better reread again. All I am saying is: - if race.net is already collapsing right now -> it will most likely collapse on release day and if people can't play -> there will be many downvotes this is just whats going to happen - an objective truth no emotions involved in this post it will be downvoted as hell if its not up to good on day 1 -> if it gets downvoted as hell, less people will buy it -> this means this design choice was a bad decision by codemasters