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  1. I guess this game will f*** WRC 7 very hard.
  2. maybe this mod only works for the gfwl-edition? at least this mod was released before the steam-edition
  3. A mouse? In MY Codemasters Racing Game? How could this happen? Where did I put my mousetrap...
  4. I tried out dgVoodoo on Windows 7 with CMR2 (and CMR1) It seems to decrease the performance even more on CMR2. For CMR1 I think it improves stability, as well adds more feature like antialising. To sad I couldn't improve resolution or FPS. It looked like it was an 800x600 resolution inside of an 1600x1200 resolution, so CMR1 maybe always any kind of resolution. As of for CMR2, I tried the Arcade mode,too. There were FPS-drops, too. It looks like there are always FPS-drops, when there are other cars on the screen. I think thats it for all the stuff I can try out on my PC. I hope there was som
  5. I tested out some stuff, too and there seem to be a few issues, so here is what I got so far: I have win7, gtx770, intel i5 - Fullscreen works very good so far - there seem to be framedrops in the special stages (not sure if it was like that before the patch) - Windowed mode seem to cause stuttering even with constant 60fps - it just feel less smooth, a little stuttery - a FOV of 65 seems to be better than 70, renderplane seems to stay small, so in a higher FOV, polygons disappear earlier on the sides of the screen - resolutions higher than 1920x1200 crashed on my PC the Game. rather unimporta
  6. That would be really cool. I am happy that I can play CMR1 already, but it would be really cool to play it in Full HD Widescreen ans smooth 60fps. But no pressure, take your time. I am really thankful to you. That is one thing about PC-Gaming I love. Fans take care of the games they love and create patches. Thanks to you I can still play one more of my favourite games, and now even better.
  7. This is so awesome man, thank you, it even fixed all my visual glitches I got with my new PC. This is great! Will you work on a patch for the first game, too?
  8. Hi, I tried the ddraw-fix and the game always crashes - and I don't know how to handle this act fix? I'd really love to play the game with higher fps. If you could help again, it would be really cool, thanks :)
  9. makes me wonder actually how the console-versions of these games actually run - I hope they got it finally fixed with SLRE
  10. I have two different Monitor, but both 60hz, and on both it stutters, amd-ati and nvidia-gtx.
  11. Not a chance. I'd love to know why people make stuff like this up. @justbiglee because gossip ;-) xD But I really dont like that people put stuff like that into the world. Gossip I'm cool with, I encourage it if anything but this is just making something up... Worst of all it's not even making something good up! Too sad, just to create some lousy clicks :/ My issue with Milestone is that all their recent games had inconsistent stuttering even with 60fps not dropping. Cockpit was okay in WRC 4, but all the exterior cams have these issues. It's not on every track, but I have seen thes
  12. Well to me it makes so sense, that they release it now. Dirt Rally Winter 2015 and Dirt Showdown still in 2015? earlist summer 2016 would be my expectations
  13. DiRT Showdown 2? http://www.xboxfront.de/news-3575-47975-DiRT-Showdown-2-Xbox-One.html http://www.gameware.at/info/space/Dirt+Showdown+2?emphasize=MS-DISH2 Gameware lists Showdown 2 for 2015 Not sure if this is true or makes sense, but I would be pleased to see more of CM DiRT Rally - Simulation Series DiRT Showdown - Action Series DiRT - Arcade Series I like this setup :)
  14. Aw, come on - unrecoverable? would be nice to optimize the death-zones - somewhere in greek I can jump off the cliff and here I die when not being on track ^^
  15. I just noticed: After playing with controller, the game deleted all my key-bindings for the keyboard. All are reset to default it seems.
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