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  1. CameronB

    Performance Graphs

    Its actually showing the performance graph from Monaco
  2. CameronB

    Double Stops

    i think he is on about a double stack rather than 2 pit stops happening simultaneously. In F1 2020 you can be 15 seconds behind your teammate and still get a slow stop if you both pit at the same time.
  3. CameronB

    Wrong France map

    The positioning of the line on the mini map is correct and so the mini map in the garage needs the line moving further down the straight.
  4. CameronB

    Slow Driver Market

    nothing wrong with your save, most people seem to be having this experience
  5. CameronB

    Slowed at end of race

    Sounds like you are running out of fuel. What does the game say on the MFD?
  6. Crazy question but could it be possible that your throttle is not going to 100%?
  7. It looks like Ricciardo had a ten place grid penalty. These don't show in the race director they show on the qualifying grid run down
  8. Sometimes Anthony Davidson has a different driver of the day to the one that the "fans" pick that comes up at the end of the race. If this is what you are on about
  9. CameronB

    5 or 6 Races for a gearbox?

    thank you
  10. I don't think gearboxes work the same as the engine components. So I would assume this is "By Design" because generally when you change a gearbox it is because you need a new one you wouldn't ever want to use the old one again. To quote the official FIA regulations for F1 "Each driver may use no more than one gearbox for six consecutive events in which this team competes. Should a driver use a replacement gearbox he will drop five places on the starting grid at that Event and an additional five places each time a further gearbox is used." Notice how it says one gearbox must be used for 6 races and then penalties will be given if a replacement gearbox is used rather than if a new gearbox is used.
  11. CameronB

    5 or 6 Races for a gearbox?

    Hi whilst doing a bit of reading into F1 regulations I notice that on two different occasions it mentions that a gearbox must last five consecutive events whilst the game says it must last 6 events . Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_One_car#:~:text=Shift times for Formula One,could be changed only once). And here under race procedure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_One_regulations Is it a case of me misinterpreting the rules or is it simply incorrect?
  12. CameronB

    Performance difference

    Hi this is a bug, the graph you received in the email is just the graph that you received before the race at spain. You'll notice the relative performances is the same as the first half of the graph
  13. They do improve overtime, some more than others though since some reach 90+ pace whilst others barely reach 80 pace and if you sign them as your 2nd driver eventually you are able to permanently boost each of their stats by +15
  14. AlphaTauri have the wrong colour based on what the official F1 graphics use and also are incredibly difficult to see on the performance graph. Williams are also the wrong colour. Photo of the official F1 graphics from the Hungarian Grand Prix and a photo of the official F1 graphics from pre season next to it. You can see in both these images that Russell who drives for Williams has a light blue bar next to his name whilst Kvyat who drives for AlphaTauri has a white bar next to his name. Meanwhile in the image below from the Official F1 2020 Game, AlphaTauri are a navy blue and Williams is a pale blue/white colour. You'd be forgiven for not even noticing AlphaTauri climb their way to 2nd in performance so I quickly went over it in Microsoft Paint with the correct colour. @BarryBL hopefully this is enough detail for you so you can pass it onto the developers.
  15. CameronB

    Jeff providing new strategy

    Hey in future please use the bug template but also before making a bug report please use the search function in the top right this is to help prevent bugs being missed and to keep everything in the same. Anyways this problem is currently with developers.