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  1. Camza2011

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    If you turn off the SC the AI cars will still retire from engine issues and also get the random issues that make them slower for a few laps during the race.
  2. Camza2011

    Fastest lap Tyre used in Q2

    its a glitch the AI do it in season 1 . No offense @BarryBL but do you have selective sight? This issue has been raised multiple times since release. To think of a few here. and if you want video evidence of this happening here, at 6.45 he is knocked out of Q1, at 8:41 you can see the midfield cars that got into the top 10 and then you can see no one gets a grid penalty and then at 14:05 you can see both Renaults and a Williams that started top 10 are on mediums and they have not pit.
  3. Camza2011

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    I experience a full course SC whenever an AI car retires from a mechanical issue. I have made a video of 4 occasions where in my opinion the SC has come out for a car parked in a perfectly safe place and at maximum a VSC would have been more than enough.
  4. Camza2011

    Everyone on Medium after Q1 finish

    I got the issue using 50% race lengths but the thing that I have noticed since the game release is that the tyre wear better now than it was then so for example a 1 stop at china going from S-H was impossible for the AI whilst now it's rare for an AI to two stop even without the tyre wear upgrades. Personally after I discovered the issue I have been using the short quali since it gives a more realistic grid in general and means I dont have to spend ages watching the AI go round to avoid the stupid timing glitches
  5. Camza2011

    Everyone on Medium after Q1 finish

    here is the post from June and here is the post from July
  6. I haven't had this issue but you mentioned being slow in the straights, could your peddles / triggers not be going all the way to 100% throttle?
  7. Camza2011

    Known Issues Thread

    the list is all well and good but I was more on about the issues that codemasters know about and whether or not they are going to be working fixing them
  8. Camza2011

    Workstation Ideas

    Since I have too much spare time I made a new layout for the workstation with some new additions. I didn't show what every tab would look like because cba. If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it. Some quick notes the gold "tabs" are to just show which bit it is displaying and yes this is made in excel
  9. Camza2011

    Everyone on Medium after Q1 finish

    if you mean something like this VIDEO then yes i made a post about it back in July but got no response
  10. Camza2011

    Voice overs out of order [ZX]

    Hey this is still an issue btw
  11. Camza2011

    Everyone on Medium after Q1 finish

    Unfortunately this has been a known issue since day 1
  12. Camza2011

    Known Issues Thread

    Why don't we have a thread that includes all the known bugs on the game so we can better help identify new ones, instead we have a thread on some NVIDIA issues that have not been updated since October with a sentence at the top asking us to check before posting. There are 274 pages...
  13. Camza2011

    Option to turn off Jeff please

    @sloppysmusic , @jrod22145 thank you for the suggestions i will try these out
  14. Jeff at times can be great but due to his limited dialog when you play the game alot it makes you want to scream at him. Every practice session if you spend 5 seconds sat there he comments on how you shouldnt focus entirely on race pace. Dont get me wrong im sure this is great for new players but when I'm in season 7 and he tells me for the 100th time about understeer it gets a bit boring. I would just like a shut up Jeff option for when i am in the garage
  15. Camza2011

    Bug report - speed trap reporting error?

    I think CM has been made aware of this issue a while ago. But I always get told i am 20th in the speed trap with a speed of like 120mph because i do an in lap rather than use the return to pits feature