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  1. I personally feel like the AI are better in qualifying than the race, but I think the AI might actually not be better at either I think its just the player is generally better at one thing than the other cos I do league racing and im fine in the race but generally start last from qualifying, bu thats just my opinion
  2. Camza2011

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    dont know if anyone else has had this but Perez left Racing Point after the Russian GP and joined Renault then before the Austrailian GP for season 2 he left Renault for Racing Point. Why would anyone do that???
  3. Camza2011

    Trophy Cabinet

    ah thank you
  4. Camza2011

    Trophy Cabinet

    Is there a list somewhere for the trophies we can earn to go in it?
  5. Camza2011

    Fuel problems

    Do you do the Race strategy programme?
  6. Camza2011

    I've been enjoying F2 racing more than F1

    personally i hated driving the F2 cars and had horrible tyre wear but it might just be cos im on a pad
  7. Camza2011

    R&D System 2019

    The R&D trees are the same for each team as last year which makes me very worried for what gonna happen after the performance patch comes out since last year a fully upgraded Williams was still slower than all other cars and I imagine they are going to be even slower on this years game.
  8. Camza2011

    No Gearbox Grid Penalty [ZX]

    I have made a bug thread about this but no response from CM. From my tests it seems that taking a new component before qualifying works as it should but after qualifying you can take an entire new engine and gearbox with no consequence.
  9. Camza2011

    Quality of life changes needed

    It is always dynamic i think it just telling you that the weather for the session is clear
  10. Camza2011

    Safety car. F1 2019

    I have had 1 safety car from when i reversed back on to the track at T1 Monaco and it didn't work properly. Jeff told me safety car out keep to delta, then said safety car in this lap immediately and the safety car ended up driving around the track for the rest of the race .
  11. Camza2011

    [XB1] Game Crashes after finishing Career Race

    Same thing happened to a youtuber they had to do Bahrain 3 times as it crashed on lap 21 ish and then again when he was getting a thumbnail in the replay
  12. Camza2011

    F1 2019 straight line speed. ***?

    The AI seem to have infinite energy as they run Overtake ERS mode all the time when close to a car in front.
  13. Camza2011

    No Gearbox Grid Penalty [ZX]

    @Faya not sure if you've passed this on or not but it is also the same for any new component that you take after qualifying has finished.
  14. Camza2011

    Multiple careermodes

    If you go to the solo tab and click career it has the option to make a new career mode save
  15. Camza2011

    Season with realistic cars? Save?

    No they got rid of that feature
  16. Camza2011

    Is there any tire wear at all?

    On most tracks the Hards last pretty much the whole race and the lap times dont drop off.
  17. Camza2011

    Wrong Results (PC)

    At the end of a monaco race where the safety car took part the end results shows Kvyat as 1 lap down but behind cars that were lapped twice . And I am fairly certain he was lapped twice. PC in grand prix mode
  18. Camza2011

    F1 2019 a worthy upgrade

    It hasn't been confirmed but I havent noticed it and in the beta it was one of the thing we had to look for so I would assume they have made an effort to fix the problem
  19. Camza2011

    F1 2019 a worthy upgrade

    They would set insane lap times once time was sped up
  20. Camza2011

    F1 2019 Safety car bug [ZX]

    I also had this bug but I didn't flash back, it just said saftey car deployed 5 seconds later safety car in this lap then went around the circuit for the rest of the race. for me: PC Grand Prix 0 AI difficulty
  21. Camza2011

    F1 2019 a worthy upgrade

    The AI are better in 2019 and they have fixed AI times in qualy but other than that it is pretty much the same
  22. He is on about the fact that they still use the HUD (lap counter, mini map, leaderboard in top left,) and they allow people to race out of cockpit cam
  23. Jeff came over the radio to say "they seem to have an issue. Some information on Hulkenburg" Career Mode race in China Before the Spainish GP Crofty says "Bottas on pole Lets run through the grid today... Lewis Hamilton lines up along side him" (not 100% accurate but you get the idea) Both in career mode on PC Version 1.03
  24. Camza2011

    Tyre selection

    They offer you 3 options and thats it same as the last few years, they probably assume people don't care as most just stick with the default one.
  25. Camza2011

    Will there be a Day 1 Patch on June 28th?

    "Car Performance is based on data of Pre-Season-Testing." Is a load of BS Red Bull has the same engine performance as the other Renault teams, they have just used the 2018 performance.