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  1. On 12/15/2019 at 10:18 PM, Cprice440 said:

    I'm on a PS4 and new to the F1 2019 game. I find that the gamepad is twitchy and difficult to take the curves with. With no assists I have been braking and down shifting in a straight line and then turning into the curve when I slow down enough. I'm told this is making me slow. Is there a way to turn in while braking and keep from locking up? I have a need for speed!


    move the brake bias towards the rear, I normally run around 54%

  2. 1 minute ago, TennisBoyGP said:

    My problem is that I joined Haas in Season 3 and their car was maxed out (of course I couldn't have known that). So now I have picked up 15k resource points and I can use them to keep my car maxed out after the regulation changes without even doing practice programs. I just simulate them and go straight to quali. Other teams with higher potential are overtaking me slowly but steadily. Can someone at least let me know what the pecking order is when all cars are maxed out so that I can choose the right team for Season 4? Would really appreciate it. 

    people say that Red Bull has the highest potential

  3. 23 hours ago, ShelbyUSA said:

    I just tried to beat my Spain TT with the same setup that I set about a month ago. 

    i can’t even come close. I am consistently .200 slower. Spend over two hours trying to break even, and believer me, it wasn’t quick in the first place. Top14% which is bad for me. 

    i even opened up my laptop to record and compare my best time with a UDP telemetry app to see if I had picked up a habit. Answer is no. My outputs are almost identical. 

    this is crazy and now I am convinced the wheel is nerfed. I have the data. 

    could you have possibly set the original time before the patch that changed how the handling of the cars worked?

  4. 4 minutes ago, ptank20 said:

    Personally I have no real issue with the speed other than maxing out happens too quickly so either the cost of each upgrade needs to go up or the number of upgrades in the tree needs to go up. It’s nice not having the guarantee of being able to just take a low team to the top. However the way the teams spend their points is a joke and the top teams are programmed to not utilise theirs in the same way as the bottom ones in order to ensure the gap is bridged and that happens far too quickly. I’ll also add I’ve only just started Season 2 so my mind might well be changed.

    I'm 2/3 of the way through season 3 with racing point and what I've noticed is that in season 1 Mercedes barely upgraded and therefore lost the championship and in season 2 ferrari started with the best car and also barely upgraded and subsequently lost the championship and in season 3 Mclaren started as the best car myself and Renault have closed the gap to them as they haven't upgraded as much as we have. It does seem the best car doesn't bother upgrading much and it seems at least in my game that ferrari and Mercedes are still barely upgrading and are now 7th and 9th. 


    I personally have an idea that would help the cars not get maxed out even after a reg change and that is to change how the reg changes work in the sense that instead of them costing 50% they should cost 125% or 150% therefore it gives the opportunity to either save your upgrades or wait till the next season and get them for cheaper (when you understand the new rules better) obviously you'll have to wait for them to get installed after buying them and they might fail but I feel this would add a more strategic element to career mode. 


    Or they could simply add in a 100% reset between S4-6 

  5. I thought the same thing but like ptank20 says it'll just make it harder for a lower team to move up, I still think there should be some incentive though whether its a morale boost or something that has no effect on the gameplay. There are other aspects of the game that I feel should impact the morale of the departments tbh rather than just what we say in the interviews for example IRL if Williams scored points on pure merit its going to make the people back at the factory happy or if a Racing Point gets a podium. Personally I dont see how saying negative things is going to have an effect on anything other than peoples opinion of you.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, yrek150 said:

    S1 France, Ricciardo has been movet out of renault and Gasly taken his place. And... Hamilton, leading the championship has come to williams (worst team in my career) and russell went to mercedes... Please Codies, give us option to turn off that...

    Can you show a screenshot of that, Loads of people have said stuff like that but I havent actually seen a screenshot of it .

  7. I started my career with Mercedes and then got fired after the French GP and joined Racing Point and I've had no issues getting to the front as I got there for Hungary S2 and the only strange developments I have had is Mclarens sudden rapid development towards the end of S2 and Ferrari's sheer lack of development during S2. Currently i'm at round 8 season 3 and the grid is looking a lot better than it did when I did a Force India career mode on F1 2018 when I had to leave them to have any kind of fun.


    And btw the only practice programs I do are the track acclimatisation and the race program