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  1. At Mexico Hamilton had the fastest lap but then retired, so out of the top 10 that finished Vettel had the fastest lap and therefore he should have got the point but he didn't and neither did Hamilton.

    I've included screenshots of the race results showing no one getting the point and the final season constructors that shows the total points is 2141 when it should be 2142

    PC Career Mode, Version 1.03





  2. 5 minutes ago, softy94 said:

    theres no list however if you go on to the main 'home' page and go to your emails your can 'claim' your trophys and put them on your profile. you earn them from winning career races at each circuit, winnng f2, winning f1 WDC etc

    ah thank you

  3. 16 hours ago, jrod22145 said:

    I really like this idea! Kinda like Motorsport Manager has a race difficulty and R&D difficulty which also makes all the other teams better and more efficient at R&D.


    Side note: is anybody else noticing that the R&D trees are the same.  I might just be my imagination especially since I didn’t do a career with Alfa last year and it’s my only team so far this year.  But so far as I remember my tree looks pretty similar to the one Ben had when he did his Alfa career on YouTube.  I could be wrong, and honestly to me it doesn’t make a difference really.  I’m just curious if I’ve got some sort of Mandela effect thing going on or it’s real haha!

    The R&D trees are the same for each team as last year which makes me very worried for what gonna happen after the performance patch comes out since last year a fully upgraded Williams was still slower than all other cars and I imagine they are going to be even slower on this years game.

  4. I have had 1 safety car from when i reversed back on to the track at T1 Monaco and it didn't work properly. Jeff told me safety car out keep to delta, then said safety car in this lap immediately and the safety car ended up driving around the track for the rest of the race .

  5. At the end of a monaco race where the safety car took part the end results shows Kvyat as 1 lap down but behind cars that were lapped twice . And I am fairly certain he was lapped twice.

    PC in grand prix mode 


  6. 8 hours ago, Ads77 said:

    Has this been confirmed anywhere? I say as one of the youtubers mentioned this was still an issue in one of their career mode videos. 

    It hasn't been confirmed but I havent noticed it and in the beta it was one of the thing we had to look for so I would assume they have made an effort to fix the problem

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  7. 5 minutes ago, jordb_ said:

    The three top tiers of AOR run NO assists, that's a fact, not an opinion. 

    You also CAN force visual aids (Racing line) OFF in the lobby settings, I almost started to doubt myself you were so adamant, so I checked myself and I am right.

    Before you make judgement or give an opinion I think it's better for everyone you do some research first, it saves unnecessary bickering in the forums. 

    He is on about the fact that they still use the HUD (lap counter, mini map, leaderboard in top left,) and they allow people to race out of cockpit cam

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