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  1. on 1.04 each AI had their own individual ERS bar for example the lead car in a train would be in standard and all 10 cars behind would be in overtake for 30 laps, so it wouldn't surprise me if CM have changed it so people couldn't see the AI cheating

  2. I had to get 3/4 upgrades for most of my components before they could last a season but the best way to conserve your engine is to do the things the game says, like dont use kerbs , don't run rich fuel, don't have a lot of energy stored up, don't overheat the engine etc

  3. I don't think the AI is the issue, the issue is that in the latest patch made the midfield insanely close and due to the fact that dirty air doesn't have too much effect they form these long DRS trains but I have seen 2 AI's go side by side for almost an entire lap at Brazil. Don't see how CM could possibly fix this unless they increase the effect of dirty air or reduce the speed gained from slipstream.

  4. On 7/18/2019 at 9:51 AM, R9NALD09 said:

    Has anyone had a regulation change on a department they haven't invested heavily in?

    I'm at a point where I'm thinking that they are checking where the player is strong and do a regulation change on that department.  In 2018 I focused only on reliability and engine upgrades...sure enough regulation change on both of those.  Next season I did aero only...sure enough regulation change on aero only.

    Might be bad luck and coincidence but was just wondering.

    On 2018 Season 1 I invested heavily on chasis and areo got reset then season 2 i upgraded areo and powertrain got reset 

  5. From my experience these are the objectives for new car upgrades,

    Engine/ERS - Reach a high speed 

    Tyre Wear - Set a lap with low tyre wear ( Can be as slow as you like)

    Weight Reduction/Redistrubution / Brakes - Set a competitive lap time

    Front/Rear downforce - Set a competitive lap time

    DRS - Use DRS to reach a high speed.


    I might be talking absolute waffle but I hope this helps.

  6. At Mexico Hamilton had the fastest lap but then retired, so out of the top 10 that finished Vettel had the fastest lap and therefore he should have got the point but he didn't and neither did Hamilton.

    I've included screenshots of the race results showing no one getting the point and the final season constructors that shows the total points is 2141 when it should be 2142

    PC Career Mode, Version 1.03