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  1. It takes a couple of hours to learn to drive without assists on the pad. You really aren't speaking for the majority because if you were surely most of the lobby will be running with TC and therefore be as slow as you. And regarding TT if someone truly cares about being the best they should be willing to spend time to learn the game with no assists. 

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  2. Just like in 2018 sometimes when you use a flashback the Ai's lap times will be changed even if they aren't on the track.


    PC Career Mode. 

    Version 1.03

    Happens more than once

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  3. Jeff came over the radio to say "they seem to have an issue. Some information on Hulkenburg" Career Mode race in China

    Before the Spainish GP Crofty says "Bottas on pole Lets run through the grid today... Lewis Hamilton lines up along side him" (not 100% accurate but you get the idea)


    Both in career mode on PC

    Version 1.03

  4. At China I was knocked out of Q1 I then check the race director in the race to see what tyres people are on and everyone is on mediums when most of the top 10 should have been on softs, since it was a fully dry session . this also happens in aaravas Bahrain career mode episode where the Haas and Renault cars are on the mediums even though they got through to Q3.

    Also happened when I got knocked out of Q1 in Spain


    Both career mode on PC

    Version 1.03

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