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  1. GBratsos

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Short Gearbox and downshifting to brake the car.... Car always overreving that's not driving a rally car. That was rediculus, but a setup option too. Right now WRC esports as well as DiRT's e-sports is focusing on one stage (time attack) trials. This is not rallying! Rallying means consistency and pace. I would suggest a more of a rally approach to the whole series. Maybe in the Finals two events with up to 6 or 8 stages would be better. Quarter finals same or with less maybe 4 stages. Participants would enjoy more and viewers will get something like WRC+ experience. I loved commentators, Munnings was good choice. I would like to had her talking more about the rallying experience and the game experience.
  2. GBratsos

    Career Mode - No difficulty settings?

    It's like DiRT Rally's career! As you progress through you can buy whatever car you can afford and the tiers will get harder.
  3. GBratsos

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    On gravel from my Acropolis rally perspective, if you start behind you get better road with tracks on gravel and you go faster. On DiRT2.0 i didn's see that but i got a stiffer car without feeling the trails on my ThrustMaster T300RS. Isn't this how degradation should work?