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  1. I've just had this as well on PS5. Absolutely gutted, put in around 30 hours into it. Made a New MyTeam save for challenges and when I get to the home menu after backing out, there were no saves at all.
  2. Description of the issue: In MyTeam Mode, some of the AI are randomly going off the racing line and slowing down before the pitlane, (this clip of Russell is one of a few examples) then as you can see, Russell moves left and Ocon moves right into him, and the following AI just drive flat-out into Ocon's stationary car. I thought it might be a car issue for these AI going slowly at first, but three other cars have done this in Qualifying in Montreal, retiring a total of four other cars in the process. In Monaco, it didn't happen where it took the AI out but there were several yellows from
  3. Don't even tell me about it, it's the one thing that drives me mad in terms of customisation, like the majority of other racing games have this. Look at the photos I've linked, one fits perfectly then the other side is slightly over 😂 Please add this Codies!
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