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  1. I don't think the game compensates for the fact that a keyboard only provides four directions and not a lot of sensativity in throttle or brake pressure. For example, when determining setups, a keyboard player will go for a lot of rear stability otherwise the car just slides aruound, whereas with a steering wheel it's easier to compensate. So, there are subtle differences which is why during time trial it would be nice to know if a certain driver, or a certain setup is suitable for a certain steering method.
  2. I have a racing wheel, but due to lack of space and time, also children flying around, I hardly ever set it up for a proper session. So, most of the time, if I want some quick track time, I do it "the old school Geoff Crammond GP - GP4 way" with a keyboard. Settings are still according to that game from the 90s, meaning , = left - . = right, A = accelarate, Z= brake, the shifts or CTRL for gears, space bar for DRS, etc etc. Normally, keyboard users are at a disadvantage. But recently, I went out on some tracks with an F2 car and managed to top the leaderboard in Melbourne and Za
  3. Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm four decades on this planet. Born and raised in The Netherlands, it must've been 1984 or 1985 when the F1-virus got me. As a kid, every sunday morning I'd watch SKY television (Free-to-air in those days) for cartoons: He-Man, M.A.S.K. and for me the most important: Transformers (G1). After this string of cartoons, the British broadcaster would regularly switch to a Formula One race. The first vivid memory I have is the Lauda, Prost, Senna podium in Zandvoort 1985. Then, it was Nigel Mansell's tyre explosion in Adelaide during the 1986 title decider. By 1988,
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