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  1. I remember playing F1 2011 on the VITA of all things and it was miserable. Games like this are not fun on mobile, coming from PC or console, because the triggers are not pressure sensitive and your only option for somewhat precise inputs is that weird gyro **** that means you can't hold your device still.
  2. I think Bahrain wasn't in the 2011 game when they cancelled that one, but I'd like for the track to be at least drivable in the game no matter what happens in real life. Then again I'd say the same for all tracks that already exist in sufficient quality like Germany and Malaysia. Add some track rotation to the career, that'd be a great feature. Wishful thinking, I know
  3. RaceMyZaru

    F1 2020 Beta

    I'm actually curious how Codemasters will handle the next transition to a new console generation. F1 2014 wasn't very well received and F1 2015 was barebones with the new engine but had the 2014 season included as a consolation gift. I don't think a lot of people would be happy if their first next gen effort regressed on the career aspect again, or if the last current gen game was treated like a middle child. A big problem of the yearly release schedule is that they can't put too many good changes into a new game at once because then they'll run out of things to add for the following years.
  4. RaceMyZaru

    Please help me find the perfect difficulty.

    There's really no perfect way to do it because the AI performance varies so much track by track. But at the level you're at, your personal skill improvement over time will probably be significant enough that you'll have to adjust it after every race (or few races) anyway.
  5. RaceMyZaru

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    That reads like a lot of good stuff I've been waiting for. AI starts were OP this year, and giving more options for career mode is always nice. Hope the tweaks work out as intended.
  6. RaceMyZaru

    Ai give you no space

    Most of my contact with the AI is them coming from behind and driving into my back, almost always spinning me out. Not in a braking zone. On the throttle. Not only is that unrealistic it's also annoying as hell. Been that way for years in these games.
  7. I don't see any downside to cross-platform online. Just mark timing leaderboards by platform, and let people choose to limit platforms for matchmaking if they're so worried about some PC cheater or someone with a superior physical racing setup. The increased potential player pool for online races would outweigh the disadvantages HEAVILY, especially on PC.
  8. RaceMyZaru

    Disappointed at F1 2020's release date

    It's nice to want things but the game is only going to suffer from such an early release date. An F1 game that's trying to be somewhat accurate can only enter its final production phase AT THE EARLIEST in late March when the car models, liveries and drivers from the state of the Australian Grand Prix are known, and the development time will have been planned last year if not even earlier than that. You can't just cut off months from that.
  9. RaceMyZaru

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    MUST have - Fix the damned bugs. Releasing with game-breaking issues is getting tiresome. - Have someone actually playtest this game at different race lengths for multiple seasons to see if any gamebreaking bugs/balance issues show up at some point like they currently do. - Base the odds for bad weather, safety car etc. on real life and let that influence the simulations. The game has been too "wet" for years and safety car tended to switch between "way too often" and "super rare", neither of which make sense. - Adjust driver transfers to be slightly more realistic (we've got in-season shockers and unlikely contracts here and there in real life, but something like Hamilton switching to Ferrari with a few races to go just looks silly unless there's some contextual backstory that wouldn't be allowed with the license) - Don't put in interview questions where the only winning move is not to answer or where the entire premise has nothing to do with what happened in the race. - Balance the difficulty between sessions. Practice, qualifying and race should - slight variations for teams aside - be roughly the same performance level, not shock the players with super hard qualifying times or the AI being super weak/strong in the rain. NICE to have - If you still include personalities like Weber/Butler, don't stop showing their faces once you're out of F2. Anything too regular would get old quickly, but a few more cutscenes especially at the ends/starts of seasons and notable events like crashes would do a lot. - Full F2 season career if the player wants - Let some F2 drivers move up to F1 after a while. Not super often but getting one or two over a multi-season career sounds practical. Heck this year we got 3 at once but that's a rarity. - Add a significant amount of new cutscenes, voice lines etc. Not everyone on the podium needs to be happy all the time, especially if drivers clashed or someone was robbed of a better result. Show more of the now higher fidelity of the track surroundings. Let the commentators comment on the season in progress - championship standings, recent results, car development etc. It's especially silly that the game never recognises past events like you winning championships. - Optional testing sessions based on the real life ones that let you get a bonus on development points or a straight improvement on a part category of your choice or something - Regulation changes that make some visual difference like front/rear wing sizes - Bring back older tracks not currently in use, as DLC if you worry about funding (next season, Germany would be an obvious one, Malaysia is also recent enough, maybe stuff like Turkey) - Now that we can make our own cars in multiplayer, let us make our own or even AI-controlled teams to join the grid - Make regulation changes so impactful that they can counteract the speed increase of the cars in the long term so that the simulation doesn't go completely bonkers.
  10. RaceMyZaru

    MicroProse back in business

    It's been so many years, hardly anyone who worked on the Grand Prix series will be back or in any capacity involved in this. Crammond is probably too old for this stuff.
  11. RaceMyZaru

    Codemasters F1 licence

    I dunno why you're telling me this, I have a Fanatec wheel and a 144Hz Monitor for this stuff now. I was talking about people new to F1 racing games. It's a game system. Kind of like a boost bar that you can manage manually, like the KERS bar used to be back in F1 2012. If you don't want to deal with it (especially on a pad with limited buttons), just set it to automatic.
  12. RaceMyZaru

    Codemasters F1 licence

    I became a fan of the sport because of F1 games back in the 90s, but those were games you could play well with a KEYBOARD (Geoff Crammond's games, Ubisoft's F1 Racing Simulation). A lot of the potential marketing attention comes from casual PC and console players who pick up a well-reviewed racing game on sale. They do not care about sim racing (yet), they just want a motivating GAME.
  13. RaceMyZaru

    Codemasters F1 licence

    You're contradicting yourself so heavily it's not even funny. If the goal is to popularize F1 via video games, the solution isn't to look at niche sim games that are only bought by people who are already heavily into racing/motorsport and own a racing wheel. It needs to be accessible (that includes to pad users), with an atmospheric presentation. Codemasters has some problems with bugs and balancing every year and it's understandable to be frustrated, but the overall state of the games now is likely the best videogame representation this sport has EVER had. Most sim racing games out there are barebones game experiences mainly focusing on car models, driving physics and vehicle/track quantity, and that's fine for their target audience, but not for F1. Whatever any other developer with better sim cred would make of this game might have better driving physics (something 99% of players wouldn't be able to tell because they've never driven a fast car, let alone F1 car) but it'd take several years to get the surrounding F1 features anywhere close to this level again, if ever.
  14. RaceMyZaru

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Can obviously confirm this. First race in Australia. Wasn't sure what my difficulty level should be yet for a mid-field team. Quali program in the dry: I finished Practice 3 just hundreds off the fastest time. Q1 was wet, suddenly I only qualified 17th. In the dry race I finished 4th on pace. I've got hundreds of hours in modern Codemasters F1 games, and my wet weather pace was always only off when the game simulated times with the wrong AI grip level. Now it's an actual issue in the actual AI pace rather than just during simulation. So yeah, fix it please.
  15. RaceMyZaru

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Since the license won't allow for teams and drivers to basically be assholes about their contracts, they have to leave a bit of randomness in to allow for situations like that.