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  1. Honestly I'd be surprised if ANY gamedev company could make sufficiently detailed versions of those replacement tracks from zero, considering travel restrictions and the effort required to make one. Heck, even a track that made it in like Hanoi is pretty much guesswork from the track design models because the track has never fully existed in real life
  2. While I would like to drive the cars on tracks that don't have to be designed around safety, spectators and well-designed facilities, I don't think I'll ever be able to do that again in a realistic, officially licensed game (This isn't Race Stars) There are plenty of real life tracks we could drive on, but they aren't any cheaper to realize than the tracks on the calendar (which Codemasters pretty much only makes once per generational jump and then only has to add the one or two tracks that change per year)
  3. I'm not opposed to microtransactions for "cosmetics", particularly on the multiplayer component, but from what I understood this has invaded the singleplayer side of the game, and the MyTeam mode particularly lives on creating your own team's identity, while only getting a pitiful selection of visuals at the start. I've immediately bought/pre-ordered F1 2016-2019 but with this kind of design I don't think I'll buy 2020 at all.
  4. Reviews are kinda useless if you're the kind of person that posts in this forum. We already know it's got decent graphics, additional features and the full F1 package for the average player. But what usually ruins the fun are all the bugs and balance issues that show up if you spend some actual time with the game.
  5. I won't name my team Jaguar, but I need some shiny british racing green on the grid.
  6. I remember playing F1 2011 on the VITA of all things and it was miserable. Games like this are not fun on mobile, coming from PC or console, because the triggers are not pressure sensitive and your only option for somewhat precise inputs is that weird gyro **** that means you can't hold your device still.
  7. MUST have - Fix the damned bugs. Releasing with game-breaking issues is getting tiresome. - Have someone actually playtest this game at different race lengths for multiple seasons to see if any gamebreaking bugs/balance issues show up at some point like they currently do. - Base the odds for bad weather, safety car etc. on real life and let that influence the simulations. The game has been too "wet" for years and safety car tended to switch between "way too often" and "super rare", neither of which make sense. - Adjust driver transfers to be slightly more realistic (we've g
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