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  1. When you see the same person take that same line through those turns lap after lap it isn't making it mistake, it's deliberate, and as for taking a bad line to maybe stop someone maybe using that wall meh,  why should I have my enjoyment of the game ruined by some loser. There is no need to be blocking everyone,  just the handful of players who have done these things out of the many I have raced against. Enjoy your prize from Intel if it ever comes...
  2. hopefully just a noob question that I have missed the obvious answer for.. When playing online (PC) and creating custom games how can I ban wallriders / cutters  from my games to have fair races?  is it possible to make some kind of banlist so just those players can never enter ? Several times I have seen people making the first 2 turns at Algarve 1 big turn, the last 2 turns at Red Bull Ring 1 long turn, and that damn wallriding at Bathurst. Seriously, its bad enough some just ram you for fun, but then they cant even run the course properly too?  pffft
  3. I bought Dirt3 on steam and was happy until it tried forcing me to install GFWL, even more disappointed when that wouldn't even work correctly, and now I can only play without saving game progress. Yes I could probably fix it, but who wants the floater that is GFWL on their system anyway... Things looked more promising when I googled and found this forum with promises of it being patched out soon, but that was months ago and still there is no fix. Please pull your finger out and deliver what was promised, or at least have the decency to tell us you never will so the game can be deleted and a
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