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  1. Nice mod, you should upload your mod to moddb.com in case you remove it at some point from your dropbox.
  2. My yahoo email isn't working right now for some strange reason, but I'll quote myself from what I've told some members at RaceDepartment. "Hey, The pssg files are just using gzip compression so you can open them with 7zip, for example, and extract the file inside. Then it should open with the pssg editor. I don't really have the time to be making updates to do this automatically, and considering CM hid the database.bin file again, it makes modding pretty useless in my eyes, and gives me even less motivation to make anymore updates." You can get further help from RD member
  3. Hmm, interesting, if the articles around the net are correct about the career mode coming back with teams, teammates, and sponsorships, then that makes me very happy for now  :D
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