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  1. Stevomock

    Xbox T Cam Halo Glitch

    Does the Near Clip Plane option in Camera Settings fix it?
  2. Stevomock

    Safety car is still a mess

    I play 100% races and I see a safety car probably in 50% of my races.
  3. Stevomock

    Point for fastest lap?

    Are you sure you got the actual fastest lap? Look at these two pictures. Hamilton had the fastest lap but DNF'd. It seems that because of that, the game gave Vettel's time the purple font. However, because Hamilton had the fastest lap and was out of the top 10, the game correctly gave no one the point.
  4. Stevomock

    Point for fastest lap bug

    The rule is that no one will get the point in that case so the game got it correct.
  5. Stevomock

    Fuel problems

    Stay in standard mix during the practice programs and this glitch shouldn't occur. I had this glitch last year and I didn't know which practice program was causing it, so I did all but the fuel-saving program, and all in Standard Mix, and I never encountered the glitch again. But this year to save time, I'm doing all but the race-strategy program and I still haven't encountered the glitch, which leads me to believe the problem is with going in lean or rich during the race-strategy program. Whatever/Whichever is causing the problem, I think staying in Standard Mix will prevent it. By the way I'm pretty sure he's talking about the glitch where the maximum fuel the game will let him carry is "-10 Laps" or so. It's not about accidentally underfueling during pre-race.
  6. Stevomock

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I use F1 2019 cars and have a full grid of AI with one of my friends. In order to have the F1 2019 cars, the league has to be set to private. Once the league is set to private, if you choose F1 2019 cars, AI will be locked to ON. If you set it to Multiplayer cars, you will have AI options such as disabling them completely or disabling them from the standings.
  7. Stevomock

    ERS Deployment

    Look at the white bar next to the D. That's the bar that you want to use all of. You can't use the entire yellow bar.
  8. Stevomock

    Contract negotiations on f1 2019

    I'm not sure but I think if you go through F2, your teammates will be these people, and if you skip F2, your teammates will be the other people.
  9. Stevomock

    safety car

    I've now seen it 5-6 times through 12 100% races so I think its frequency has been increased a lot since last game.
  10. Stevomock

    Vote on Driver Transfers

    To me, Less mid season moves and less unrealistic moves was the same thing, so I just voted less unrealistic moves.
  11. Stevomock


    Try to lower the difficulty
  12. Stevomock

    Dry tyres in wet weather conditions

    Are you sure it was wet enough for inters? You can ask the engineer "Weather report" and he'll tell you what type of tyre is best at the current time.
  13. Stevomock

    Is there any tire wear at all?

    Remember fuel usage will make your lap times go faster because you weigh less so take that into account. The next time you pit for Soft to Soft or Medium to Medium, even Hard to Hard (I don't imagine that happening), you'll notice a lap time jump. Even Worn Soft to Fresh Mediums, the lap times become faster.
  14. Stevomock

    F1 2019 a worthy upgrade

    @cornerslicer ERS depletes faster (between low/medium to break even, as opposed to medium) It's nice to have the new roster Driving feels more difficult, especially kerbs AI difficulty feels more consistent across tracks Safety car seems much more frequent
  15. Stevomock

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    @GioProductions Like in the other game, you can hold the MFD button for a second to make it go away. I think it will disappear though for you as long as the MFD was closed at the time of pressing the shortcut.