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  1. Stevomock

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Do performance patches affect the performance of the cars if you already started a save? For example, if I started MyTeam and Ferrari were really good, would they suddenly be worse in that same MyTeam Save file or would it only take effect on a new MyTeam?
  2. Stevomock

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I use F1 2019 cars and have a full grid of AI with one of my friends. In order to have the F1 2019 cars, the league has to be set to private. Once the league is set to private, if you choose F1 2019 cars, AI will be locked to ON. If you set it to Multiplayer cars, you will have AI options such as disabling them completely or disabling them from the standings.
  3. Stevomock

    Rain and safety car

    The game isn't perfect. I'm not sure how hard it would be to develop something like that. It would take some intelligence on the AI's part to make calls like that on whether or not to pit. They seem to calculate their scheduled stops pre-race based on their expected wear and then try to stick with it unless they have to change to wets or repair their car, without really being affected by safety cars or overcut/undercut strategies. They also like to schedule their stops so two teammates don't stop on the same lap, and stick with that as well, even if the teammates aren't close to each other.
  4. Stevomock

    Strange error in qualifying detected

    The only thing I can think of is that they maybe tied.
  5. Stevomock

    Difference between qualifying pace and race pace

    I'm pretty confident that you're wrong about that. The AI clearly get faster lap times throughout most of their stints from what I've seen, and even more clearly finish with faster lap times at the end of the race than at the beginning. My observations are of 100% races.
  6. Stevomock

    pit stop and re-fueling

    You can watch your fuel load during the race. In a 28 Lap Race: -3 LAPS = 25-25.999 LAPS -2 LAPS = 26-26.999 LAPS -1 LAP  = 27-27.999 LAPS OPTIMAL = 28-28.999 LAPS +1 LAP = 29-29.999 LAPS +2 LAPS = 30-30.999 LAPS If you ran out of fuel during your last lap, it means the display showed -1 LAP.
  7. Stevomock

    Two questions on rule implementation

    Yes, for me, everyone got double points at Abu Dhabi on my first season.
  8. Stevomock

    Is this strategy legal?

     YES  if it was not you would of got a illegal blocking penalty ... It is not the case that illegal blocking penalties are always given to players in F1 games for illegal moves.
  9. Stevomock

    Is this strategy legal?

    In China, Hamilton and I (as Rosberg) were starting our last stints on Option tyres, while Ricciardo was on his last stint with Prime tyres. Ricciardo was leading, with a few seconds gap to me, and Hamilton was behind me by almost 30 seconds. Once I passed Ricciardo, I intentionally slowed down to try to help Hamilton catch up to Ricciardo so we could finish 1st and 2nd. I don't believe I ever actually did any dirty blocking maneuvers, but I did drive about as slow as possible while keeping it almost impossible for Ricciardo to overtake me, especially on corners. Hamilton closed the gap to Ricciardo in the last few laps, so I increased my fuel mix and left Ricciardo behind, and Hamilton overtook him with ease in the final laps for the easy 1-2 finish. Was what I did to Ricciardo legal in real F1?
  10. Sochi and Brazil are my #1 and #2 favorite to drive around in. I think Monaco would be fun but the steering wheel movement speed limitation makes it annoying.
  11. Stevomock

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    I'm not sure. I can't remember any off the top of my head, but I know I've knocked off AI's rear tyres before, so I assume that can happen to me. Anyway, the point is that it appeared that you believed that getting hit in the rear regularly causes damage, which I disagreed with and explained why I believed that. I think we're past it.
  12. Stevomock

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    It was. I lost my wheels on the wall. But the RE was talking to me while I was sliding to the wall.
  13. Stevomock

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    You're wrong, because that's what happened. I was hit, and the engineer was telling me about my diffuser as I was sliding out of control before I hit the wall hard.
  14. Stevomock

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    But what if the AI rear ends you even slightly, which is also fairly common(I play with True to Life AI mod)? Then your car is screwed while the AI that hit you races on. I was just addressing this comment. It made it sound like you thought your car would regularly be screwed if you get hit in the back. I've only been damaged by a rear hit about once in over ten 100% races this game. And this hit was hard enough to send me into the wall and end my race that way anyway.
  15. Stevomock

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    I do full seasons tracking points and all and even 4-5 retirements per race is too much. Well that would be my own ignorance. I haven't looked closely enough at how many retirements is realistic. You can set it to the point where you probably see about 2 retirements though. The mod I have has 6 settings.  Here's a snapshot of what's included with F1 2013 True to Life AI: - corrected braking points and cornering speed for the AI across all tracks - AI overall "intelligence" has been improved I don't know if it's true that if an AI hits you in the back, you're fine for the most part with Realistic Damage Mod installed. I know that even without the mod, I've had my rear diffuser damaged. I don't know if we are talking about the same damage mod. What I meant was that in most cases, even if I am hit hard on the back, I take no damage, which is why I have no issue with a damage amplifying mod. However, if we are talking about two different mods where the one that you are talking about actually includes more rear damage, then I understand your concern for that mod.