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  1. This is easily the best track in the game. Codies have done an excellent job capturing the feel and character of the circuit. I do think it really highlights the fact that most of the other circuits need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Most of them have been in the game for several years and their age is really starting to show, especially when Codies do such a good job bringing the new circuits to the game. Portimao is such an amazing track to drive, particularly in an F1 car. I really hope it gets a permanent slot on the calendar. Would be gutted not to have it in next year's game.
  2. If this is deemed to not be within the rules and get's banned I'll give it 15 minutes before Marko is complaining about FIA working for Mercedes...
  3. Really hope this is in the game. It's a massive improvement over last year's layout.
  4. GeoffR86

    Gulf Mclaren

    Liking the livery. Would love it if it was available in the game but I don't think it is very likely.
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