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  1. LuckyLuke16

    Thrustmaster T300RS Support

    So I have this wheel and done what you said, but there is one problem... Whenever I close the game, the T300 settings don't seem to be saved. So when I open the game with the wheel connected, the menu is broken because it thinks I'm pressing down all the time, so I can't do anything in the menu or when driving. I have to disconnect the wheel and reconnect, then use the keyboard to reselect the T300 preset, and then it works. But I have to do this every time I launch Grid Autosport. Kind of annoying...! Update: Actually, the problem is much bigger than this. The game doesn’t save any data since I’ve installed your T300 files. So when I finish an event in career mode, save & quit, and launch the game again, it starts on the old event again that I had already finished.