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  1. #1 - VR -More of a campaign. I like the unlockables of better performance for the community challenges, along with the Colin McRae scenarios. Somehow combine all of that for single player. Also, money was given out too easily and unlocking cars was basically not a concern. -Community Event Rankings - going with how the dr2.today site has top X%, you should take the last ~ 10 events and give a Rank based on average top X%. something like: Top 1% Master, Top 10% Elite, Top 25% Professional, Top 50% Clubman, Top 75% Rookie, The Rest X% - Amateur. Throw that rank + an Icon next to t
  2. Speculation: Wednesday is also Oculus Connect 5.  Maybe there will be a VR announcement for it too.  Could Oculus have given Codies $$ to put in VR support?
  3. The end of the email looks like a youtube video link to me.  Example youtu.be/HlxyYFgEvjo2.  There's an extra character though.  Maybe there's a cryptogram using that string.  I tried 2 less than each letter and got rid of the 2.  Didn't work.  Are there less than 174 videos viewable on the DiRT channel?  If so, if we figure the link out maybe we can see it earlier.  Otherwise, the link could become live on the 13th. Can't really look at the moment. 
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