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  1. I'd like to personally see all the Formula racing series. Whether that be the Japanese series, or any other one besides F1 feeder series. Now i don't want them to add the cars, could careless, just add the drivers in the driver poll to add diversity among drivers.
  2. Yes i understand that lol, not what i was getting. Completing each pass while you buy them with the pre-order coins gets you the pit pass every season as they give the same amount of coins but you need to buy the pass. See my point?
  3. Yeah i guess, but i Pre-ordered the game. So if i did it right and did everything, i would never have to buy the pass with cash. Maybe i can get to it with the free stuff in the next season
  4. Wish they extended it, ****** myself by not playing as much for the 2nd pass (covid stuff has me running around) so i only go to tier 4 :(
  5. Hope they add it soon. Its been how many months tho. But i like how they wanna get bugs fixed. I remember the past few years they got bitched at for not fixing them fast enough. I hope the Performance patch is a big update so its worth the wait haha. But in already in season 2 now (that or 3 been a couple weeks since ive played) and Ferrari and Redbull dropped so the patch for me wouldn't be big (even tho Ferrari power unit teams will drop more). Just keep the work
  6. Well i picked Renault and have had absolutely no problems what so ever. Plus Renault had around -11 Durability than Mercedes so idk how that works. Clearly a bug in the Merc engine, my bad, accept my apology EDIT: Also, if i may ask, have you purchased any if the Perks? Idk if that drastically slows wear, but i do have the 1st one since the 3rd race. But ya most likely a bug in Mercedes (again, sorry for attacking your driving, and assuming (lowkey forgot the Engine thing and the difference))
  7. Quite positive this is just your driving. Too harsh on the Gearbox OR maybe your engine choice was low on the durability. Like i picked Renault. I was shocked because gor the 1st time ever, i went all 6 races without a gear box change. Now i race 50% races. Maybe its a bug, but also could be your driving style (not trying to dis, just saying)
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