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    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Hope they add it soon. Its been how many months tho. But i like how they wanna get bugs fixed. I remember the past few years they got bitched at for not fixing them fast enough. I hope the Performance patch is a big update so its worth the wait haha. But in already in season 2 now (that or 3 been a couple weeks since ive played) and Ferrari and Redbull dropped so the patch for me wouldn't be big (even tho Ferrari power unit teams will drop more). Just keep the work
  2. MichaelDecker

    1.09 is out [PC]

    Well I WAS excited until i read this. Thanks
  3. MichaelDecker

    Time Trial Cheaters

    is there ever going go be a proper way to get these cheaters off. Like this is my 1st F1 ive put time into and trying to get faster but how am i suppose to know my level when the 1st guy i picked (4th i believe, thought the top would be cheaters, just not up to the 4th spot) and as soon as you cross the line, they have like a speed boost, and every turn they take they boost. Why don't games give a **** about these anymore. I remember back in the day these actually were legit for the most part and it felt like and accomplishment. I just wanna know how they can cheat on the ps4. Like ya im not fast but i know cheats when i see it
  4. MichaelDecker

    MyTeam...long time motivation and future improvements

    And that may be what is giving us the advantage. Like honestly i don't know how they R&D works for the Ai. It should be exactly like ours. I wish there was a way to tell if they're going broke so some departments get shut down. Maybe like how the email works before a race weekend, say "Today Renault shut down so and so factory". Or what level their facilities are. My car because 2nd best now overall the best in season 2. I had few that failed and if they did already had the R&D to fix it. Season 2 tho there's another reset and idk if i can get them all in time. Probably can lol. But i agree as I've been playing more
  5. MichaelDecker

    MyTeam...long time motivation and future improvements

    Sorry mate thought a higher level made it difficult or atleast different as to leveling up. I guess its all depends on the luck week to week goes. I believe we get too many R&D points and tuning that may fix your issue (obviously codies have to do that).
  6. MichaelDecker

    MyTeam...long time motivation and future improvements

    Whats your Ai lvl if i may ask. Like not trying to be a douche, but if its not at 110, then how can you make this statement. NOW i am giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you're on max difficulty. But you do see where i am coming from right? Like i said not trying to sound like an ass
  7. MichaelDecker

    Quali sim program

    Its because certain tracks are bugging it. 2st season, some tracks I'd be up by a whole second. Same track next season, down by 2 seconds, yet won the race from p10. Some tracks i can get it but in season 2 its making it way harder. Thing is, im not far off the top dogs or my teammate at all. So thats my guess it's broken some idk, but same issues and have seen others agree
  8. MichaelDecker

    Qualifying pace questions

    do you think its dumb that they changed how the Qualifying program works? I don't really like the One lap and you're done, the old games you could have a max 3 laps and you could keep going. I kinda prefer that way. This new way, if you fail to make Purple, it ends it. So that means i have to waste tyre life to get to the pits to restart the Program, and then the outlap to get it started. Your thoughts? Don't mind the new way just a pain at times. Also, anyone think the Qualifying program at CERTAIN tracks are set to hard. Me and my Ai will be about the same and on some tracks it'll show that im like 2.5 seconds slower. Does that mean me and my Ai are not maximizing the car or what i thought and its set too high at some tracks. Season 1 i could Purple most of them, with green being the exception. Season 2 is where ive been getting the "below 2 seconds for the program". Qualifying me and My teammate will be about .500 seconds apart with jim ahead or behind and in the race its like any other race and the cars are where they should be at. Thoughts on this one (Ps sorry for the long post)
  9. MichaelDecker

    MyTeam: Potential for best car?

    i believe each Engine manufacturer has a Tech tree. So all Ferrari based engine teams will have the same chart, and the same with the rest of the other teams. As someone said before, the Regulation take a big part into all of this. Now if you asked if all the teams progressed the same, i can't tell you that. Ive notice my Ai teams progressing differently than the YouTubers. Now with it being Myteam, other stuff comes into play. Teams may run into financial problems, reason why some teams will Flatline for 5 races. They may not be bring in alot of R&D Like the rest of us.
  10. MichaelDecker

    Myteam progression throughout the season

    Im asking the community a question today. Do you think in Myteam, we progress too high. Now ive had luck i assume, and only have had 3-4 parts fail. I do all the programs, and try to get purple which get most of the time. I have upgraded my Departments to get more and all that. But watching the other teams, i feel like we advance just a tad faster. Season 1 almost done and now in the middle. Just want your feedback on what u think
  11. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I updated my game today, and got done with qualifying happy to dee the bug fixed, but half way through (my video to be exact) it shows 1.07 below 1.08 lap times 2. Platform Ps4 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.05 4. Game-mode? Myteam 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. I guess this is the only time ive tried it but for this isn't that a little bit besides the point (ill update or delete if next race is the same) 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue nothing to be exact besides updating 7. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) wheel 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. 20200721_193044_1.mp4
  12. MichaelDecker

    Qualifying bug still present

    Ok thanks, i still cannot see it. But anyone else get this still?
  13. MichaelDecker

    Qualifying bug still present

    Umm idk if the video posted. On my screen it shows the play option, you can hear it but the video itself isn't showing up.
  14. MichaelDecker

    MyTeam Fast improvement of car

    mine have been crazy and i love it. Some tracks, us back markers did a 1 stop, and its at like Singapore and stuff where passing is hard, so McLaren Won one, Williams got P5 and 6 one race. Ya crazy stuff. But idk its effy to me. Sometimes ya makes me feel like we progress too fast then you see the Ai move again and its back. Some teams are slow because they suck lol. But Racing point is exactly like us. They caught Redbull and Ferrari like that. Only ones progressing as much as I am EDIT: Just turned my game on, we are at Brazil, Racing point has slown down alot. No upgrades for the last 3 races. McLaren are 4th, and Renault are 5th and i am 6th. Racing point all in one race, fell from 3-4th too 7th. So i guess i enjoy how its at now.
  15. MichaelDecker

    AI at Hanoi Circuit

    Ok 1st, the 2nd video shows absolutely nothing to be honest. Secondly, 1 and 3 are 100% your fault i think. The 1st one, where it started, ya i thought it was the Ai at the beginning, until you rewind. Pause video 1 with 9 seconds left. You can see the Ai already having half of their car in front of you yet you turned in as if it was YOUR racing line. How the heck do you expect the Ai to race when all you give them is the whole curb lol. The 3rd one pause it with 14 seconds left. Again, you turned in on the Ai as he was making the pass on you, messed him up resulting in what you recorded. If you would have left them space, you would be over taken (unless you got him out of the corner) and he wouldn't have crashed. Sorry, 1 and 3 in my opinion are just you not giving enough space (in my opinion of course). Hope more can answer because just what i think alone isn't enough to say this or that. But thats all my opinion dude, no hard feelings, just felt like a little more space would have prevented those crashes. Now video 2, no idea whats happening lol, to me it looks like he's trying to get back on track and you kinda did nothing to get off of him lol
  16. Well i picked Renault and have had absolutely no problems what so ever. Plus Renault had around -11 Durability than Mercedes so idk how that works. Clearly a bug in the Merc engine, my bad, accept my apology EDIT: Also, if i may ask, have you purchased any if the Perks? Idk if that drastically slows wear, but i do have the 1st one since the 3rd race. But ya most likely a bug in Mercedes (again, sorry for attacking your driving, and assuming (lowkey forgot the Engine thing and the difference))
  17. So did the Ferrari receive any Patches since launch? Or even during the 3 day early access or did that not happen yet (just asking)
  18. MichaelDecker

    Gearbox Wear in MyTeam Master Thread

    Quite positive this is just your driving. Too harsh on the Gearbox OR maybe your engine choice was low on the durability. Like i picked Renault. I was shocked because gor the 1st time ever, i went all 6 races without a gear box change. Now i race 50% races. Maybe its a bug, but also could be your driving style (not trying to dis, just saying)
  19. 1. So every qualifying that I do, ghere will be 5 guys out of order. Usually the 2nd driver has the fastest time, but at France, i had the 3-5 spot faster than both 1st and second. 2. Ps4 3. Version # 1.03 4. Myteam 5. What are your replication numbers. Since in France, the 1st 10 races 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Nothing as i cannot do anything 7. What peripherals are you are using. Wheel 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? No
  20. I'm all updated also. Came back after a long time to see how it is with bugs fixed but I 20200113_055432.mp4 see this is new to me.
  21. MichaelDecker

    Top of Field was racing while in a Virtual Safey Car

    No it's not lmao. Cant you not see the Hud display on the AI cars. Look at the speed too. I forgot to mention it's a virtual Safey car. If you can't see the problem don't comment quite simple. This is for the mods, the Codes theirselves. Not a member that can't help anyways lol. No f-ing F1 car is going 175 in a Virtual Safey car js