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  1. I know that this has been a known issue, but the fact it never got solved boggles my mind. I was wondering if there is a patch or something to download manually to fix this. If no such file exists, can someone point me in the direction of how to fix it myself? I am familiar with a few programming languages now and all I need is some way to open the file and be able to have actual text rather than just symbols and letters in a confusing codec pattern. The closest thing I ever heard to being able to fix this was that the files are in the executable file itself. Not sure if that is correct or not. To be specific, the issue I am talking about is when I select a tire (say prime set 1 in FP1) run some laps and come back to the garage. I then select the same tire set (or not even change it at all), I then head out and realize I have the Prime set 2 on my car. This does not matter what car I am driving. It will always give me the tire set with the most tread of the same tire compound that I have selected (i.e. Primes limit to primes, Options to options, Full Wets to full wets, inters to inters). Any info is welcome as this is very annoying and I could use the experience. Edit: I figured out how to change the LED's. Going to take that a step further and attempt to make it a GUI in game to customize so we can hopefully get that in 2015.
  2. Still playing it on PC. Wish more people were. I haven't really moved on because of the same reason. Can't stand the feeling of being on rails unless if I am coming out of a 1st gear corner where I get a million lbs-foot all of a sudden.