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  1. I saw...I can't open this mer_main_s.tga.dds I use photoshop and DXTbmp,all fails.
  2. tank you~!! I have nothing to open the dds file
  3. I change the mer_main_d.But what's the mer_main_o and mer_main_s. I'm not find this flie in DiRT3 liveries. And when I let the D3 liveries goto DR2,the car liveries is lncorrect color in game. I want have a D3 liveries in the DR2. This is the D3's main liveries;D mer_tex_high_03.pssg
  4. D4 support mod? just like rbr,I hope so..
  5. Can you add more car/more track as DLC?Five track is too little
  6. I really hope D4 have chinese language.Because not every Chinese can understand English. If you have,many people will buy this game. Waiting for June 6th.
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