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  1. waltran

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    split rally and rallycross games or give my money back for a game that i can't play because i have to download the dlcs i don't buy, own, or play. or give some of my money back because i don't play the rx parts of the game. for the last 3 weeks all i do is download updates, can't even start the game. i am mad!
  2. waltran

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    same bro!' pre-order deluxe edition here, and what we get for free!? A BIG **** YOU FROM CODEMASTERS in a game that we can'T even play because they are constantly pushing updates!
  3. waltran

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    this is a SCAM! and this is game called DiRT RALLY! NOT DiRT RALLYCROSS!!!! go make another game for RallyCross, with the full season and al lthe cars and all the tracks! you have the licenses whyh sell them with dlcs?! why do i have to pay for rx content? that i never ever even clicked on the menu... codemasters more like scammasters, they don't know how to code too, always bugs and enormous updates, so people with slow internet can't play the game that they paid for. there are bugs since day 0 that didn't get fixed...
  4. waltran

    dirt 4 pointless repair: changing tires

    i don't know how dirt 4 ai times are but in dirt rally 2.0 all 29 ai times are seperated by 5-10 seconds!? so yeah repairing a puncture in beginning of the stage is pointless, even with all staff trained to highest. ai times should be more realistic, maybe even minutes apart within them then it would be ok... and 30 ai times for one competition is too high, i don't see rallies have that many competitors...
  5. waltran

    Ĺ koda 130RS in season2 ?

    they don't read mate 🙂 but i'l would be cool to see even more skodas than fabia and 130rs. i love skoda
  6. waltran

    Request to bring back Colin McRae Dirt 2 on GOG

    definitly agree with this but i don't think they are able too since they have all that music tracks in the game
  7. yeah i have realized that too, such a shame... tire wore-off system is a joke. new tire system is a joke too.. never used hard tires after 80 hours of playing... sometimes when you get a puncture tire will instantly vanish and you will get only rim on the spot! where is the tire, what is with that? and after getting a puncture tires will be gone in seconds! that's way too quick and harsh they should at least gone for another 2 kms! and i couldn't even get the tires fall of, broke suspensions with realistic damage in this game.. even cmr dirt had that feature! driving only with a rim physics are off the place. codies are only downhill since dirt rally 1, i guess they loved that sweet FIA F1 money so they don't care about any other game or their customers anymore
  8. waltran

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    generally speaking i dont think you are overracting, cosmetics ruined this era of gaming imho. i want to be able to see everyone WITHOUT cosmetics, actually don't wanna even know if cosmetics exists, don't use them myself. only wastes precious storage space, and ruins loading times plus generally ruin the game art with silly things. weekly cosmetics updates to make you download everytime you wanna play the game is cherry on top. of couse i don't know how cosmetics are in f1 games because i don'T like formula 1 myself, but i hope they keep it sensible.
  9. waltran

    'DiRT Rally (2.0)' on mobile devices

    Hey mate, by mobile if you mean Android/iOS you can try out Rush Rally 2 or 3. I think until something better comes out these ones are the best rally games on smartphones. I personally like 2 more, they are very similar games anyways. If you mean Nintendo Switch i think they are probably making one right now, but probably wouldn't be as competitive and shouldn't be either. Maybe "DiRT 5" would be more appropriate for Switch.