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  1. raggedrabbit

    Announcing F1 2015

    I really like the use a driver thing in career mode actually, especially if it means we finally get podiums etc. I think it will allow for a more broadcast style effect and hopefully a more immersive experience. Dodgy looking avatars of ourselves don't appeal to me. 
  2. raggedrabbit

    Announcing F1 2015

      is that your greatest concern seriously Members are allowed to ask their questions just the same as anyone else...Aren't they...? Chances are you would most likely be pleased should Codemasters include them - adds to the immersion don't you think? There're far more important priorities than fu***** formation laps or other stupid stuff some people are always asking for. For starters we still need to see If the thousand problems the old engine had simulating stuff like a complex F1 race have been sorted at long last. After that if the drving physcis are good; the mechanics behind tyre wear, mechanical damage, weather the old bugs here, there, etc. That^, and only that^, is what truly matters now. A game working flawlessly as a whole. If those problems didn't jump into this "new" engine, then you may start asking for the typical stupid fanatical stuff like formation laps and the always retarded safety car. But first, please, a game that works as intended. Seems that way, sucks :( @justbiglee Any chance you could answer this please? :kissing_closed_eyes:  At the moment no, as it currently stands on PC the engineer will give you updates as you race but you can't request them using any kind of voice control. As I'm sure you guys are aware its been a hot topic this afternoon and by far the most asked question.  As I'm sure you are all aware I'm no developer so I won't try and fob you off with an answer. I will do my best to get a technical answer on it from the studio for you tomorrow and I will obviously be passing your feedback on. All I can really say this evening is if you are a PC player and feel really strongly that this is a feature you want, be sure to speak up and I'll make sure you are heard. I'm a PC player (too) and I understand perfectly why voice command/chat coms with engineers may not be making It for the PC version, and why this will be only on ps4/xb1 through their respective ps4 camera and Kinect peripheral. Requests like these are indeed the kind of questions you should avoid directly, because they signal very clearly that some people is just stupid. The only things that should matter to PC gamers like me are: a) That the game is properly developed for this platform, and doesn't end up being some poorly optimized port with very high CPU usage (consolized PC port) b) List of supported wheels. c) No DRM. The question is..., will you at meet at least point a), Codemasters? It's not a stupid question at all. I've been using an external voice recognition program for years on the PC versions of this game to perform macros like select tyre type, fuel mix, brake bias, return to garage, all sorts of things I choose to program. Thus I would have thought this to be the easiest platform to integrate this into.  I think it's a big loss as it's clearly one of the big new features. It also worries me that the PC version is going to be an afterthought.  Thanks to the mod for answering the question forthrightly, however. It's refreshing. 
  3. raggedrabbit

    Announcing F1 2015

    I guess from the lack of an answer to three of us, there is no voice interaction on PC.
  4. raggedrabbit

    Announcing F1 2015

    I'm wondering this too, is it omission from the press release or the game? If it's the game it will be ironic as I've been using a program suggested by someone over on Racedepartment to use voice controls  in F1 2013 and F1 2014 (tyre choice, brake balance, fuel mix, etc) for ages. It's remarkably good and all you need is the software and a headset. Which makes me wonder why Kinect and the PS camera are necessary rather than just a headset on the consoles. Aren't they for non-verbal communication only? Given that the PS4 does not support my wheel (G27) or my triple monitor setup I have no choice but to stick with PC so I hope the PC isn't a crippled version of the game. I think Codemasters will find quite a big part of the community is now PC because of the lack of wheel support for things other than Thrustmaster on the consoles.  The game sounds and looks great apart from that BTW.
  5. raggedrabbit

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    I wonder if we might see a Monaco release? In the past they used to time it with another glamour event, Singapore, so I can see it. 
  6. raggedrabbit

    2014 Max Settings

    I think on PC the graphics are if anything a step backwards. 
  7. raggedrabbit

    F1 2014 Tyre Glitch

    That's hilarious. How is that even possible?
  8. raggedrabbit

    F1 2014 - PC - FPS Bug 2.0 ?

    It's very disappointing that the same old bugs make it every year. And with so little new content in this game you'd think they'd give it some time. But perhaps they are moving to an entirely new model next year and don't see the point in ironing out bugs from an old engine. Next year we will have a whole different set of bugs to look forward to at least! 
  9. raggedrabbit

    Patch confirmation?

    Sounds like there won't be a patch. 
  10. raggedrabbit

    AI pace in the wet?

    They need to change the AI wet pace. It's ridiculously hard to match with no assists on. I chucked TC out of desperation and that fixed the issue, but I hate driving with it. 
  11. Are you on PC? Enable V-sync if so. This is a known interaction bug between Logitech and the Codies games. I hate it, and personally have been known to completely reinstall the program as I hate playing with v-sync on. I've found that using a flashback triggers it for me, although fiddling with the override settings will also do it. 
  12. raggedrabbit

    Stop telling me that my tyres are cold!

    Yeah I'm on PC too. 
  13. raggedrabbit

    Stop telling me that my tyres are cold!

    Interesting that we are not all having this problem. I find it really annoying, at some tracks it's almost every lap. If I'm not getting enough heat into the rears then fair enough, but I fear it's a bug. I'm playing with a wheel, no assists, and I feel like I have plenty of wheel spin. Is it actually possible I'm being too gentle on the throttle?
  14. raggedrabbit

    Stop telling me that my tyres are cold!

    Yeah I'm getting this a lot too, seems odd given the amount of wheel spin. 
  15. raggedrabbit

    R & D

    Yeah that first R&D was tough, I just managed it on the third try. I guess unlike previous games it was nice you had to earn it. Not that you necessarily "earn" upgrades in real life. It would be more realistic if you did two back to back three lap runs with and without the new part and you got the choice whether to keep the part at the end of it.