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  1. eilfurz

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    hi, i just got dirt ralley for psvr. cool game, but please give me the option to disable the cockpit (so i just see the road) and also to disable the "tunnel vision" when the car is tumbling. i get it that those things are in place to prevent vr-nausea for newbies, but when you have already some experience with vr-driving and not a touchy stomach, all this mandatory vr-handholding tends to make the games less fun and feel like it's a dumbed down version for kids. admittedly, it's even worse with some other games e.g. (no real cockpit perspektive in trackmania, no running and no fluid turning in most first person games,...) but these help-mechanisms are not a technical limitation, and one should be able to turn them off, and, frankly they suck pretty hard once you got used to vr and don't get a queasy stomach any more when tumling over, moving sideways while at the same time, sitting on your couch.