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  1. Understeer79

    New structure at CM ?

    I agree with what you said except about the casual gamers, surely they make up the majority of F1 2014 buyers, thats why there isn't a dedicated F1 sim, there's not enough hardcore racers to buy it. Most F1 fans are grumpy old men who dont play games. But theres lots of young guys who will buy pretty much any driving game (unfortunately). So if a company wants to be successful they habve to aim their product towards the masses, i'm sure Codies hate having to dumb it down but money talks
  2. Understeer79

    Whats season 2 like?

    Research and developement is the only way to improve the car man, make sure you pass all the developement tests
  3. Understeer79

    Whats season 2 like?

    Ive  got an offer mid season to switch to red bull with immediate effect. i remember in f1 2013 when u switched teams mid season you seemed to inherit a fully upgraded car can anyone confirm this is the same in 2014?
  4. Understeer79

    Whats season 2 like?

    Who has started their second season in career mode? Does the R & D carry over if you stay in the same team? If you change teams at end of season do you start with an undevekoped car like at the start of season 1?
  5. Understeer79

    Corrupt Save .... AGAIN!!!

    Thanks man, ur instructions were perfect. i still cant reload my mid save race, will have to restart career and then save my career to usb after every race incase i get another corrupt save. Oh codies.
  6. Understeer79

    Corrupt Save .... AGAIN!!!

    Thanks, how to you back up to usb on xbox 360? Anyone know?
  7. Understeer79

    Corrupt Save .... AGAIN!!!

    Does anyone on xbox know the work around of why re starting mid race in career works sometimes and sometimes not? Its doing my head in, last week i tried to jump back into my saved career race and the thing froze. So i restarted the xbox, played a few online races then tried to reload my career and it worked! Last night i tried the same trick but it still froze Its a good game but boy oh boy is my patience being tested
  8. Understeer79

    How do i get a decent start?

    Thanks man, not sure if my accelerator on xbox wireless wheel can do half throttle but i'll give it a go tonight
  9. Understeer79

    AI need fixing in the wet big time!

    When it starts raining heavily i save the game and exit to main menu, drop difficulty down a notch and then re-load Only way to get a decent wet race for me anyway
  10. Understeer79

    How do i get a decent start?

    Against AI i go alright but online i get swamped every time! Ive tried holding accelerator down, blipping the throttle, holding the accelerator with brakes slightly on then releasing when lights go out Whats the tip?
  11. Understeer79

    Corrupt Save .... AGAIN!!!

    I've had a couple of XBOX career save game corruptions It just freezes when you try to reload your race I'd given up on this game and my career but i tried it again yesterday on a whim and it worked! nOW IM ONTO MY NEXT RACE AND IT HAS FROZEN AGAIN! I CANT EXPRESS HOW ENJOYABLE THIS IS CODEMASTERS, TO SPEND 10 HOURS ON A "CAREER" 100% RACES AND U GET HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON AND YOUR GAME FREEZES LIKE A DEER IN HEADLIGHTS! 2 WORDS. PATCH IT.
  12. Understeer79

    Aussie XBOX racing leagues?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone point me to any aussie timezone xvox leagues? All seem to be 9pm UK time which is 10am Aussie time so im at work. help! Cheers
  13. Understeer79

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    In a way id say yes but I think the biggest problem is how much grip the player has on a given track. Spain has always been a track by my standards I flew around and could get pole by 2 sec on last years game (legend) This year on expert I was out in q2 starting p11 for the race. It was all in the 1st sector I was loosing my time as I couldnt get good traction around turn 3! same fo australia 8 tenths in the last sector just because of the last corner, malaysia at the end of sector 2 going up the hill, china leading on to the big straight, the pattern im starting to see is any traction zones the AI are on rails whilst we have to fight the car just to keep it going in a straight line therefore the AI will be quick on any track that has long sweeping corners where you have to balance the throttle to get good drive. I think your on the money mate
  14. I'm 35 and im an Aussie online racer and just so you know I don't like UK online racers either =P Your setting yourself up for a lifetime of dissappointment id you expect things to work 100% perfectly all the time, but i agree you have the right to moan, and Codies are giving you a lot of ammo to work with! I've only had 1 experience of road rage online, it was a race at Austria and i dived down the inside into turn 2 and was on the apex and this guy just turned in on me about 4 times and we pretty much got stuck together on the apex. Once we got going again i tried to give him a nudge off into the grass down whilst going down the straight but only succeeded in spinning myself off the track while he continued!
  15. Well done codies on the transition from dry to wet conditions and also when it goes from wet to dry. Last night in China it went from Full wet to intermediates to dry tyres and the transition took about 15 laps, pretty realistic, in previous games it has dried up in about 2-3 laps and then your on dry tyres. It was very enjoyable being out there on inters with the track slowly drying up and waiting until I had the guts to come in for slicks. The pace of the ai is still crazy quick whenever we are all on the wrong tyre though. One problem I had was I couldn't get enough heat into my intermediate tyres until halfway through the stint, hopefully this is just a China track specific thing as i havent had any trouble with this on other tracks.