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    Any XBOX Leagues that I could join

    Are there any Australian xbox leagues about to start soon? The lag between Aus & UK is too bad to have enjoyable online races unfortunately.
  2. Understeer79

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    Didnt codemasters make toca touring cars which had the difficulty slider like 15 years ago? Did that employee leave and was the only guy who knew how to implement it?
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    R & D

  4. Understeer79

    The BUG Thread

    Xbox 360, got a career save game error when i saved mid race at malaysia. When i went to reload it just froze, tried it 4 times then had to restart career....  FRUSTRATING
  5. Understeer79

    100% distance ... fuel simulation a bit unrealistic?

    Yep same problems since 2010. Altho this year ive found the primes to be realy slow
  6. Understeer79

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    You havent answered my question. The difference between legend and expert is 2 seconds, so how can expert be too easy for u when u r 2 seconds off the back of the pack on legend????? You are making no sense so unless you have more specifi examples we r going to assume your just a kid with a cheap wheel who is frustrated he cant keep up with ppl with better equipment and set up experience
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    Here's an example!

    My wheel is not 'crappy' as you put it! It works fine, just this game is broken if you want to race the AI on legend with a wheel and no assists, and moreso in the rain!!!!!!!!!! Mate im sure your a good racer but your equipment is not going to let you compete with the best wheels and pedals out there
  8. Understeer79

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    Umpteen people have said this to me today but expert is to easy!!!!!!!! The gap is too big between expert and legend! The gap between expert and legend is 2 seconds, if you are 2 secs off the back of the pack on legend how can expert be too easy for you???
  9. Understeer79

    Here's an example!

    He probably has a $700 wheel that has a 100% linear throttle performance. Your crappy logitech and my pos xbox wheel the throttle is either half on throttle or full throttle, impossible to compare mate
  10. I was very worried after my career race in melbourne when the ai started going 2 secs a lap quicker in the lead up to their first pit stop while i was slowly getting slower as tyre wear kicked in. But in my Bahran race right now the first stint panned out like this Hamilton leading, started in the 1:39s and stayed there till about lap 13 then dropped into the 1:40s until his first stop on lap 17! Well done codies! If only you could do that for every track?
  11. Understeer79

    QOTW #7: Who will you start your career with?

    May as well start in a top team then, im tossing up between Merc and Ferrari
  12. Understeer79

    QOTW #7: Who will you start your career with?

    Who knows if the teams can move up tiers? Codemasters never tell us? We have to figure it out ourselves.
  13. Looks fun to drive in the wet, just as the previous games were. The problem is the ai are so fast in the wet its unbeleivable, for us to be quick in the wet we have to run high wing, yet the ai are magically quick in the dry and wet with the same set up! Also, one of my biggest gripes with 2013 was the spaced out results. Below are the official results from this years race in austria, Alonso was just 18 seconds behind the winner, yet on this game footage  he finished in the same position but 1:18 seconds behind the leader! Same old problem as last year, I was hoping since they weren't spending time on things like classic content they would try to fix gameplay things like this but it seems not. By the end of the race all the cars are spaced out by 20 seconds a lot of the time. Would make the racing so much more exciting if the guy ahead wasn't 20 seconds ahead, you would have thought a game would want to be more exciting not less?? Race results - 2014 Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix Pos.  Driver Team Time 1.  N. Rosberg Mercedes 1:27:54.976 2.  L. Hamilton Mercedes +1.932 3.  V. Bottas Williams +8.172 +6.240 4.  F. Massa Williams +17.358 +9.186 5.  F. Alonso Ferrari +18.553 +1.195 6.  S. Perez Force India +28.546 +9.993 7.  K. Magnussen McLaren +32.031 +3.485 8.  D. Ricciardo Red Bull +43.522 +11.491 9.  N. Hulkenberg Force India +44.137 +0.615 10.  K. Raikkonen Ferrari +47.777 +3.640 11.  J. Button McLaren +50.966 +3.189 12.  P. Maldonado Lotus +1 Lap 13.  A. Sutil Sauber +1 Lap
  14. Understeer79

    QOTW #7: Who will you start your career with?

    Very surprising Williams is leading this poll, will people stick to their word when they find out Williams are not as quick in the game as they have been in the real season as some have mentioned? Im gonna go Kimi in the Ferrari on legend with no assists, I expect to struggle and be well behind Alonso but that will make it even more realistic since Kimi hasn't been able to see Alonso's rear wing after about lap 2 for most races this season.
  15. AI doing fully dry times when after switching from inters to dry tyres on a still slippery track? Intermediate times being only 2-3 secs a lap slower than dry times?
  16. Understeer79

    Monza gameplay

    He went fully off the track for 100+ metres at the parabolica and Raikonen who was right behind him, still didnt even get close to passing him............massive fail
  17. Understeer79

    A.I Difficulty

    They are using the same physics engine model as the previous titles so I don't see how they would have been able to fix any of these AI pace concerns. F1 2013 I would start the race on legend, then 8-9 laps in once my tyre wear kicked in and the ai's pace only got faster, I would save the race and exit to main menu, adjust the difficulty to expert and jump back into the race. This was the only way I could get a decent competitive race. Hope I dont have to do that in 2014 but probably will