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  1. I think Steve Hood and Codemasters forgot that when they're run out of new gimmicks to put into the game (like live the life and classic cars), as happened with F1 2014, the main F1 fanbase are the ones most likely to continue buying the game, but only if you give them a reason to. What we saw with the Codemasters F1 series under Steve Hood was a systematic disregard of the main F1 fanbase in favour of a game that tried to appeal mainly to casual racers. The stripping down of the race weekend, the poor AI, the limited damage, the poor track evolution, the Mario Kart handling, and the fact that there isn't really a dry line that appears when the track goes from wet to dry (they had it in F1 2010 but it was removed and the track pretty much goes from full wet to full dry in a few laps now) all served to make the game shallower with each release.

    The problem is, as the years went on they ran out of ideas to keep the casuals happy, but the core game was not good enough or detailed enough to keep the F1 fans coming back for more.  Now I'm not talking about being "ultra realistic" here.  Even GP4 is not as realistic as most people think, but the game has depth, good handling, extensive car setup options, telemetry, a weather system that works properly and can be customised for the season, proper damage, tyre wear that's properly simulated, fuel loads that affect the handling realistically, decent AI, mechnical failures, punctures... Basically everything F1 20XX wasn't... I'm not saying that F1 20XX hasn't improved. It has... a bit. The game is reasonably fun for a quick belt around Silverstone on a 25% to 50% race, but I still get more enjoyment out of racing GP4 on 100% races with a current season mod than I do F1 2014 because I find GP4 more interesting. Sure it's looking dated now, but it feels like F1. F1 20XX has always felt like Race Driver with F1 shaped touring cars... When you hit an AI car it feels like you're hitting a solid box, like a closed wheel touring car, even if the contact is wheel to wheel. Open wheel cars often become airbourne when making wheel to wheel contact, but you just don't get this with F1 20XX. The physics simulation has always been really poor. 

    Steve Hood often talked a good game, and bigged up his credentials (big F1 fan, made F1 games previous to joining Codemasters, blah, blah) but never delivered on it. Quite frankly, anyone can say they're a big fan of a sport, but it doesn't actually mean you know anything about making a game about it... Yes, he'd worked on F1 games in the past. But he wasn't the project leader on most of them as far as I know. 

    What Codemasters need to do, if they're going to continue making F1 games, is listen to what the F1 fans want from the game. Not the casual fans who'd be more interested in COD or GTA and only buy an F1 game when there's nothing else being released or it's in the bargain bin, because they don't matter. Once you run out of gimmicks to add to the game, the people most interested in buying it will be the F1 fans. But if the core game is shallow and fundamentally flawed then they won't buy it. As I said multiple times in the early days of this game series, you wouldn't make a Batman video game aimed at fans of Star Trek so stop making F1 games aimed at GTA and COD players.

    Make an F1 game that reflects what the sport is like and has some depth to it, not Grid with some F1 shaped cars and tracks. 

    I agree with what you said except about the casual gamers, surely they make up the majority of F1 2014 buyers, thats why there isn't a dedicated F1 sim, there's not enough hardcore racers to buy it. Most F1 fans are grumpy old men who dont play games. But theres lots of young guys who will buy pretty much any driving game (unfortunately).

    So if a company wants to be successful they habve to aim their product towards the masses, i'm sure Codies hate having to dumb it down but money talks

  2. Does anyone on xbox know the work around of why re starting mid race in career works sometimes and sometimes not?

    Its doing my head in, last week i tried to jump back into my saved career race and the thing froze. So i restarted the xbox, played a few online races then tried to reload my career and it worked!

    Last night i tried the same trick but it still froze

    Its a good game but boy oh boy is my patience being tested

  3. Half throttle for the launch so you're not spinning the wheels and then full when you've got traction. I usually short shift to second and third gear. I tend to make places off the start online more often than not by doing that as the vast majority just floor it. Not that it matters as there's usually some nutcase that "forgets" to brake into turn one and makes that all redundant anyway.

    Thanks man, not sure if my accelerator on xbox wireless wheel can do half throttle but i'll give it a go tonight

  4. I've had a couple of XBOX career save game corruptions

    It just freezes when you try to reload your race

    I'd given up on this game and my career but i tried it again yesterday on a whim and it worked!




  5. vtidixon said:
    TL77 said:
    Anyone else notice the AI pace difference on certain tracks? So far I've found Spain to be the most difficult, on Expert AI I couldn't even make it into Q2 in a McLaren when normally I qualify in the top 6. I just wish the AI difficulty was consistent on every track.
    In a way id say yes but I think the biggest problem is how much grip the player has on a given track. Spain has always been a track by my standards I flew around and could get pole by 2 sec on last years game (legend) This year on expert I was out in q2 starting p11 for the race. It was all in the 1st sector I was loosing my time as I couldnt get good traction around turn 3! same fo australia 8 tenths in the last sector just because of the last corner, malaysia at the end of sector 2 going up the hill, china leading on to the big straight, the pattern im starting to see is any traction zones the AI are on rails whilst we have to fight the car just to keep it going in a straight line therefore the AI will be quick on any track that has long sweeping corners where you have to balance the throttle to get good drive.

    I think your on the money mate

  6. The video in the OP, just shows typical Aussie lag.  Im in the UK, and I hate playing against Aussies.  Just because of this lag.  I have to say its not ALL of them,  but alot of them.  
    A certain edible monster, has a terrible connection every time I see him on track.  
    I generally use the kick vote system,  
    Its not there fault they are 3000 miles away.  But its not mine either, I dont like suffering because of it.   Its 100 times worse in a FPS.
    When you have 10 UK players, and 2 players who are lagging badly in the lobby, you start to experience weird stuff like, last place showing as 1st,  3x pause lag in the middle of a race, sometimes more than once.  Cars flying instead of driving.  
    How do you race against a car that can fly?  This isnt a "TopGear challenge" its a CM game. 


    WOW, what does someones age have to do with anything.  

    Dont you know the older we get, the more we complain.   

    Some of you, might thing its ok to buy a broken game, thats being sold as finished - Fanboys

    The rest of us, are not happy.   Personally im speaking about Grid 2/Autosport,  because of those games, I knew not to buy F1 2014,  Im done buying CM games NEW. 

    But anyone who has paid with their own hard earned cash, has the right to complain.  
    Everyone who has a problem with that, has the right to be silent, and not say anything.

    Lets face it, if the game was perfect, we'd all be fanboys, and CM would be known for making great games that work 100% from day 1.   Nearly 4 months on, and Grid Autosport is less playable than it was on Day 1.  

    Good look F1 2014 customers, but I feel the light is very dim, and is at the end of a tunnel bigger than the world has ever seen. 

    What a joke!  

    Im 33, and I will continue to complain about things worth complaining about.  
    I will continue to put idiots in or through walls, when they deliberately take me out. 
    Im 33, and I behave like that..........YES,  If someone wants to play like a child, I can cater for them. 

    I'm 35 and im an Aussie online racer and just so you know I don't like UK online racers either =P

    Your setting yourself up for a lifetime of dissappointment id you expect things to work 100% perfectly all the time, but i agree you have the right to moan, and Codies are giving you a lot of ammo to work with!

    I've only had 1 experience of road rage online, it was a race at Austria and i dived down the inside into turn 2 and was on the apex and this guy just turned in on me about 4 times and we pretty much got stuck together on the apex.

    Once we got going again i tried to give him a nudge off into the grass down whilst going down the straight but only succeeded in spinning myself off the track while he continued!

  7. Well done codies on the transition from dry to wet conditions and also when it goes from wet to dry.

    Last night in China it went from Full wet to intermediates to dry tyres and the transition took about 15 laps, pretty realistic, in previous games it has dried up in about 2-3 laps and then your on dry tyres.

    It was very enjoyable being out there on inters with the track slowly drying up and waiting until I had the guts to come in for slicks.

    The pace of the ai is still crazy quick whenever we are all on the wrong tyre though.

    One problem I had was I couldn't get enough heat into my intermediate tyres until halfway through the stint, hopefully this is just a China track specific thing as i havent had any trouble with this on other tracks.

  8. No idea mate, i'd love to know though.

    There's just 6 sets of tyres.

    Has anyone noticed if the new set of tyres just for Q3 works? I guess you'd have to leave one set of options unused, and then check in the race that just one set was brand new after your pit stops.

  9. Gui1 said:
    I need speedo cuz i prefer to change gears based on speed instead of  9 bright lights.

    Well thats just wrong. Don't ask codies to change something that 1 guy does compared to how the rest of real racing drivers decide when to change gears??

    Theres much bigger problems in this game than this to fix.

  10. FMassa93 said:
    Now in Spain I got a R&D problem... I have to make a laptime of 1.34, but its heavy rain. And when the Mercedes guys drive att 1.37.XXX how can I drive on 1.34....

    Thats called just bad luck mate, happens in real life when it rains on friday practise and terams cant test their new parts so they dont go on the car for the rest of the weekend.
    But since it's just a game, you could restart the session so you get a dry track?

  11. automa said:
    Seniku said:
    Well TC, I hope like me you've not given them your money this year.  I bought the last 3 F1 games on launch day, this time I've learned my lesson and I've not bought it and the more I hear about it, the more that decision seems to be the right one.

    That all depends on what you play with, if you play with a wheel then you've made the wrong one. Yes still a few old frustrating faults, like, AI have far to much pace in the wet and running with TC. Did singapore 50% race in the force india on expert finished 9th then played back the replay, stunning, more tv replay cams in there now, a very enjoyable experience indeed.

    Agree it's a pretty good game, i guess everyones frustrated because theres so much room for improvement which seems so easy to do but maybe it isn't.

    A mate of mine mentioned employees in this field move around a lot so probably the staff working on 2014 are different to 2013, you would think that with the same bugs creeping through each year

  12. vtidixon said:

    Agree the pace is way to much for the 1 difficulty level. I've done few races now on expert and starting to get few pole's and wins in the ferrari (coop) which I dont want tbh but we not fast enough to stick with the legend AI in the race so bit stuck  :( I can race on gp mode and be very close with the AI but when the car lacks upgrades im a sec slower on some tracks. I cant understand why we only have 5 options for the AI when there is such a big gap between ppl who play racing games! Not saying legend is to quick as I think ill be able to do season 2 against them just think the jump between all options is to much. Id like 10 options (2015) each being a sec quicker, least that way the best ppl on here can race AI and the worst can still fight for wins. Still think codies have done a good job with the AI this year and hopefully make them quicker and ALOT more aggresive next year!

    Could codies maybe up the pace by a sec for expert with a patch or is that not possible? Might help a few that are struggling to match the legend AI

    Increasing the pace of expert by 1 second would help some but hinder others who it is perfect for right now.
    Last year Codies added a new level (expert) in the patch didnt they? Hopefully they can do that again.

    Is it realy 4 seconds difference between expert and legend???

  13. I dont think codies can fix the lag, thats down to peoples internet connection isn't it?
    Online is almost unplayable unless your in a league, I ran a whole race in 2nd position then when i cross the line it says i finished 5th?! The other cars dissappeared the whole race

  14. Is anyone else having trouble staying morivated for career?

    I have always raced career on 100% distance but just recently i have started to race online for the first time and im enjoying it, cars jinking all over the road, running wide into hairpins so I can get a run on them.

    Then when I went back to career, it was like driving with a bunch of robots, which it is.

    i think i'll drop my career races down to 25%

  15. Firstly, well done Codies as this is a pretty good game and im enjoying it but the below need to be looked at.

    * I had a save game bug in career mode on xbox, this is inexcusable, luckily i was only halfway through my 2nd career 100% race, what if i got this bug near the end of my season =O

    * AI pace in the wet, seriously the ai pace needs looking at in wet conditions, can anyone keep up with them? I race on expert in the dry and have to drop down to professional for fully wet tyres, intermediates its ok as the handling doesnt change between drys and inters but thats probably not patchable.

    * The tiers with Williams always running around 10th is unrealistic

    * The gap between expert and legend is still too big, please introduce a level inbetween these

    Other than that im loving the game, anyone else have any "realistic" things they'd like patched?