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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpcY7to6ql4 this is total ****. Enjoy this gameplay video? sure.
  2. This doesnt work very well. I am at Elite series with RWD car, i get world record top 600 times constantly but it gets me last position against AI on most of stages. And i know there is two more difficulty levels after Elite, no way you can beat them without memorizing and finding shortcuts.
  3. I just did remove all my DR 2.0 VR gameplay videos from youtube. Reason for this is that video isn't on right scale so it wont be very immersive to watch. streamed gameplay on desktop is 4:3 or 16:9 and if you record it you get it wrong, because we only have one eye streamed to desktop which aspect is 1:1. You need to combine left and right eye to desktop view to get right scale or this happens. I don't know why stream has black borders either, steamVR has option to see mirrored image without black borders and left+right eye combined, but if you record this you get lot of stuttering problems,
  4. Scottish wet condition. Every stage wet condition seems weird actually. But on scotland it just might be that people whom bought scottisch dlc, are more likely to be better drivers, which leads harder times on latest DLC:s, basic content stages are, overally easier, when looking just for AI times. if AI times are counted by top % of players, then it would affect hardness of AI on stages which only hobbyists have. This is something codemasters might not have taken on account.
  5. I mean, why dont give player ability to drive on side of car they wants? Every car has left and right handed version, why don't make those version on simulator too? I know that some rally drivers preferred right side but that doesn't mean that we all must be trying to to relate being brittish or aussie....
  6. It seems that AI is lot harder on slower cars than 4wd. It is almost impossible to win later difficulty careers with Abarath or Mini and when driving with 4wd you very well might be top players. Until this day i only drove historic cars on career, and group B rear ended, my position varied heavily and had to push lot harder but still might be 30seconds late from top, with R5 constantly top 6. AI is definetly optimized for R5 (maybe because game tester Armstrong drives it).
  7. VR streaming never looked good, wrong FOV. Needed third party tools like OBS to capture. And if there was other people on room watching you driving they couldn't get comfortable view of it.
  8. If you look behind you directly, or your sides when sliding. Dust particles are not rendered, they are only rendered at front of car, this is very much immersive breaking when using VR.
  9. I just watched some videos of desktop gameplay at heavy rain, compared it to VR version of game. There is huge difference on visibility! It is much easier to see road at desktop version. I found this bug when i realized that everyone whom complained about heavy rain visuals were VR owners. This bug actually makes me stop playing this simulator until this is fixed. :,(
  10. I read news that codemasters got WRC licence for those years, what you think will happen? Dirt Rally 3 or Dirt Rally 2 gets WRC cars as DLC?
  11. if you are last guy, then it allways shows green sections, because you are first to start that stage.
  12. How to post a bug: Issue: Replays looks like **** when using VR and trying to share Method of Reproduction: Play rally using VR Watch replay & Share ______ ______ ______ Platform: _PC____ VR Headset used: _HTC VIVE PRO_____ This is best i can do with current configs, have to crop and zoom video until back borders are gone, this is how i share my videos now right to youtube, it doesn't look very good.
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