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  1. I read news that codemasters got WRC licence for those years, what you think will happen? Dirt Rally 3 or Dirt Rally 2 gets WRC cars as DLC?
  2. Jeq

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    if you are last guy, then it allways shows green sections, because you are first to start that stage.
  3. How to post a bug: Issue: Replays looks like **** when using VR and trying to share Method of Reproduction: Play rally using VR Watch replay & Share ______ ______ ______ Platform: _PC____ VR Headset used: _HTC VIVE PRO_____ This is best i can do with current configs, have to crop and zoom video until back borders are gone, this is how i share my videos now right to youtube, it doesn't look very good.
  4. +1 replays should be fully VR too and stereoscopic 3D. I want to people drive and after stage let others experience how that speed feels... Add a replay recording and we could start sharing replays online and watch them on VR and learn something from them.
  5. I put tire sounds to 100 on audio settings but i don't hear them enought, and i can't put volume very high because there is stages where you drive over metal bump on some bridges and that sound breaks my ears. It could Be nice to hear what my tires does to help with that braking. Suspension and dampers should have adjustablr audio tips too. Now it's very hard to tell what car does and you have to purely trust only your eyes.
  6. To further make VR more stable, i suggest enabling foveated rendering for every headset. Actual view where our eyes can move is about 90degrees of view, this is potenteally an area which is only needed to render sharply. So to render 90degrees sharply on all headsets is enough, this would lead huge fps benefit for all headsets which fov is lager than 90, most of have 110 fov, pimax would benefit this most having 200degree fov.
  7. at least fog shouldnt be there at daytime, only at mornings after cold night and still fog shouldnt be everywhere, only at lowest parts of stage or at places where fog would logically form ponds.
  8. Audio is reversed, left is right and right is left. I noticed this at replays, then i bought third party headphones and put them on my head wrong side and everything is correct now. Reversed audio wasn't only on replays but while driving too, this caused lot of misinformation and broke immersion, but i didn't realize until i tested with new headphones. SteamVR version of dirt rally 2
  9. Pressing clutch + handbrake when car is still while at neutral Gear should recover car on track automatically, i lose lot of Time trying to find recovery Button while wearing headset
  10. Smoke particles doesn't spaw how they should. If you turn head you can't see smoke particles behind car, you have to turn your car into direction where they should be to see them. Weird enough that they are drawn on mirror tho, which i don't need so much. Option to turn them off from mirror could save some gpu power.
  11. Engine sounds are not where they should be, when using headset it feels like it's between your ears.
  12. Key bindings for Tilt view up/down doesn't do anything anymore. That and resetVR doesn't reset tilt to desired orientation, it's crucial for my sim setup on VR.