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  1. Microsoft refunded me for the dlc I purchased and they wanted me to "repurchase" everything all over again.However,this was not possible because apparently the original license is still on my xbox360.Even with my refund, i could not purchase the items again.I get the "Download Again" option.Odd, since the content never got to my hard drive in the first place.
  2. No, it is not working for everyone.
    The only dlc pack i can download is the coupe style pack.
    I spent several hrs with microsoft techs trying to solve the problem.
    I have been monitoring their forums, and it seems others are having the same issue. And some of the complaints are coming from places other than the U.S.
    The symptoms are all the same,download progress will either stay at zero,
    or it will go from 0% to 1% and the dreaded cant download messag will appear.

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