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  1. All the steering wheels are final. It has been confirmed that Codemasters assumed the teams were using those wheels, as the teams approved them. It was then to late to change them apparently. :( So Damn that's almost like formula 1 2010 where all steering wheels were the same which has made ​​me a little the game broken because you want everything possible as have genuine. But well , the Williams have also not beautiful Martini paint well the blue paint does not fit so well would have let the way and only the Martini will leave so that the car would at least still true ... But what micht
  2. The Wheels are not correctly because this is not the Mercedes wheel.... This is the Reallife Wheel from the Mercedes... And Are the steering wheels have all finished or are still the orginal into play because the Lotus steering wheel is not really true because they have the model of 2013 still. Sorry for my Bad English
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