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  1. 1.  What's yours, besides making strawman arguments?  If I had to answer, I'd say that I'm simply speaking truth. 2.  See point 1. 3.  See point 1. The last thing I have to say on the matter: Don't conflate your enthusiasm and support for Codemasters and their work with the mob attacks some here have made against other forum members voicing their opinions and criticisms.  I said what I said based only on that.  Nothing else.
  2. I'm a forum member stating their point of view on how some people are behaving here.  Ganging up on an individual for having a differing opinion is not very welcoming in my opinion. Sorry if that offends your delicate nature.
  3. The group think and feelgood mining is this thread is disgusting and borderline sycophantic.  :| Sort yourselves out.
  4. JZStudios said: I'm jealous!  My framerate is just peachy at ~100, yet the frametimes spike from 10ms to 100ms+. https://imgur.com/a/HwslC Sad times.
  5. Loving the game, but yeah, navigating the menus feels like I'm experiencing someone else's hangover.  That and not being able to reassign all of my wheel's buttons (especially the menu buttons. w t f is that?) I'm also getting this awful frametime spike every 3 seconds that only exists in Dirt 4.  :/  Wish I knew how to remedy it.
  6. Unpacking! My impatience is 30 characters too short.
  7. Just got my new computer hardware set up and sorted.  The wait is nearly over!
  8. Game pre-load completed.  New hardware being delivered tomorrow afternoon.  This weekend is gonna be a blast! :D
  9. I'm curious to see how the leaderboards shape up with cross-platforms and Your Stage varieties.  Will they look similar to DR standings or will the hotlap heroes be exposed?  ;)
  10. Getting used to playing on a monitor again after so many hours in Dirt Rally's VR is gonna be painful.  :/
  11. I wasn't talking about all cars on all stages, thank you very much.  Just cross karts.  There are already videos in this thread that show those little monsters on stages.  That's what I am requesting.
  12. I'll trade a kidney to get cross karts on the rally stages. 
  13. I'm enjoying all the bits of news and gameplay leading up to release!  Super excited to play the game. I'm fully aware of this being alpha WIP, gameplay shown was an older build, engine technical limitations, etc etc., but I have some comments about some aspects of the replay footage.  The artificially clumsy camera movement that I guess is trying to mimic an amateur's recording efforts bothered me.  Its effect gets nullified by how the camera's focal point is tethered to the same location on the car every time.  Sure, it bounces around, but it always returns to the same
  14. Just pre-ordered Dirt 4 -- hooray! Now the really hard wait begins with every time I open my Steam Library...  :/
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