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  1. did the latest patch fix this?
  2. nRosko

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Unfortunately refunded due to those stutters seems they are not able to fix it.
  3. It's been months since you said you knew what the issue is. Can we have an update please as to what is going on.
  4. nRosko

    Will stuttering be fixed?

    Weird thing is it does it during the cinematic sequences too. I read in another thread that this issue was actually around in dirt 1 although i didn't personally have it then. It's a shame as like you say seems to run pretty well in VR apart from this constant tick.
  5. nRosko

    Will stuttering be fixed?

    So i was amazed to discover the issue i was having is not a new bug related to vr but has been around since launch. See here posted back in February. The suggestion to just unplug your devices is ridiculous. Are Codemasters ever going to fix this what for me is a game breaking bug anytime soon or will i have to sadly return it?
  6. What platform you're playing on win 10 Steam Index 100%ss @ 80hz What your PC setup/build is like i7700k /titan xp/ 16ram/ tm300rs/ heusinkveld pedals/ t500rs shifter Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user Delux Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. See above plus warthog hotas, mfg crosswind, dsd button box. Also an og rift. Just had a couple of races not really spent much time setting up properly. I'm getting micro stutters this seems independent from performance as i can see a regular pause when in menu playing video as well as in game. It's a very regular freezes like every 2.5 seconds. between these micro stutters the game actually performed really well on medium settings & ao off tried both 2xaa & aa off so hopefully this bug can be fixed. Worked for me in steamvr beta when i got black screen & reset headset position & it faced me the correct way.