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    2014 is shite...

    Don't play the game then, if you want a codemasters F1 game without pad assists, it doesn't exist, every game has had some sort of assist so go out and get yourself a wheel if you dont want assists - that is the only fix.
  2. HennoGarvie

    F1 2014 For £20..

    Handling model is a lot better with newer cars, it's well worth £20.
  3. HennoGarvie

    Sorry but not this time.

    Dude, learn how to use commas. Does it really matter that much to you?
  4. HennoGarvie

    Sorry but not this time.

    I dont thnk they care about you to be honest people are still going to buy it including me
  5. HennoGarvie


    They dont have much difference to be honest, I use the same set ups for most tracks bar Monaco and Singapore, the rear wing doesnt do much at all either.
  6. HennoGarvie

    F1 2014 Cockpit View

    I think its more likely that he isn't popular enough
  7. HennoGarvie


    Look you are all just the same people in every thread asking for the same stuff over and over under the title of 'THIS NEEDS TO BE IN THE GAME!!111!!!' or something similar, codemasters do not give a shit about any of you, thats clearly been proven, you guys have been asking for telemetry for ages. The best way of getting your wishes is going on PC and getting the mods for it because lets face it, bug masters wont do it.
  8. HennoGarvie


    It is nothing like a sim, I play with all aids off but it doesn't come close to a real sim such as the f1 mod for Assetto corsa, it's just an arcade game for the masses and codemasters would never make time for it
  9. HennoGarvie


    This is not a sim its an arcade, you will never get telemetry built in 
  10. HennoGarvie


    Stop trying to ask for something that will clearly never be in the game
  11. HennoGarvie


    Immersion means fuck all, telemetry will never be in the game, get a pc and use the app. As for single player, get some friends and multiplayer is as competitive as your group
  12. HennoGarvie


    Well get a PC and play on that, stop being a console peasant. You wont improve much in a game using telemetry anyways because its a game so it doesnt give much use at all. You'll improve if you have a lap to compare to but comparing to an AI lap is useless and a console will never have the capability of comparing each others laps, the add on is fine.
  13. HennoGarvie

    F1 2014 NO NEW HELMETS!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus christ its a helmet, if you didnt use cheating t-cam you wouldn't see it anyways.
  14. HennoGarvie


    Its a run off guys, it really means nothing, you wont care about it when you go round the track but if you do you need to wonder why you are playing the game, for the run offs or for the racing
  15. HennoGarvie


    Not really, the thing that makes the game is the racing
  16. HennoGarvie

    I saw some F1 2014 gameplays-such a disappointment

    The game looks good, handling looks harder, and netcode has improved, graphics won't get any better because of the current graphics engine, they'd be a lot better if it wasn't catered for the console peseants and monza was changed too soon for it to be changed, it really doesn't matter.
  17. HennoGarvie


    Do you really care that much about a wheel?
  18. HennoGarvie


    The game looks good, the handling looks a little harder and multiplayer should be better, they've done better than I was expecting, who gives a fuck about a gravel trap when the game still needs gameplay improvements.
  19. HennoGarvie

    unbelievable !!!!!!!!

    F1 2013 has been their best game yet and 2014 looks even better, the handling is decent on it, a lot better than 2012 and the net code is getting better too, single player is always going to be bland and that's why cm will hopefully keep focus on multiplayer for the leagues who play it all year round.
  20. HennoGarvie

    F1 2014 video from Giant Bomb

    You really care about that shit so much? What needs improving is the online aspect not single player and stupid aesthetics like that
  21. HennoGarvie

    unbelievable !!!!!!!!

    It looks quite good to me after looking at some proper videos, the game wont be changed much with it being held back by consoles and with it being a yearly release but overall 2013 has been the best for racing in leagues, and I imagine 2014 will be a little better than that. I'm just glad they seem to be focusing more on multiplayer e.g. netcode as those are the people who will buy it regardless and play it all year round for league racing.
  22. HennoGarvie

    unbelievable !!!!!!!!

    Well done, you posted what others have posted again.
  23. HennoGarvie

    A.I Difficulty

    Simple way to stop this, race online in a league, AI will never be as good as real drivers.
  24. HennoGarvie

    F1 2014 Season 11 - Oct 24th Fridays 8PM GMT PC

    We are still looking for drivers, only 3 places left
  25. HennoGarvie

    Need help

    For braking pres sit fully down and release the trigger as yo uget slower to prevent locking up, then do the opposite for the throttle