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  1. It is the steering over ride, they set their wheels to pads and then turn the deadzone up to make it seem like a wheel but they get all the hidden assists of the pad, in our league we have it banned because essentially it's cheating but I know a lot of AOR  drivers HAVE  to be competitive so turn it on ( not personally you).

  2. softy94 said:
    Ive used a pad, you can't spin compared to a wheel and you get the perfect turning angle.
    Many tracks pad users can't get near wheel times such as Germany wheel users can do 1:13s online while pad users can only do mid to high 1:14s 
    Pad users can, they get a perfect turning angle a long with no wheelspin, pads are OP no point in denying it because its been proven so many times by everyone.

  3. softy94 said:
    softy94 said:
    Now try without assists and corner cutting.
    I use controller so unfortunately assists are forced on, I hate using assists, tbh I can still do a 13.3 without cutting turn 3 ;)
    what about the last chicane cut? Your aid pad probably gives you 1.5 secs anyways, I can do a 1:13.3 on a wheel.
    People say pad is faster, it's really not 
    you have tc and turning assist, its faster.

  4. Our league has banned pads yes, I would say we are about 1 second of AORs quali but I imagine a lot of them have there wheels set to pads in the over ride. We don't have any connection issues to be honest but 90% of us are based in the UK so that's probably why.

  5. TheHemps said:
    Ban pads, simple as, if those are times round Australia by the way thats not really that fast.
    They are the best times from the first stint. Only 2 seconds slower than qualy. Well, 2 seconds slower for the pad. 4 for the wheel.

    You show me you doing a 1:28 on the 3rd lap with a wheel if it's not that fast. Thats on a 100% race by the way. None of this 50% kiddy stuff.
    If its in the race that's fairly fast, I don't do 50% races only 100% and the second lap is in the 28s, quali is low 25s, just ban pads and be done with it.

  6. I've played 90 hours of F1 2014 and 489 hours of F1 2013
    Don't you get sore and/or cramps when you play that much with a wheel? I can't play that much b/c I would get sore shoulders and/or a cramp in my neck.
    I don't to be honest, a lot of us in the league will spend from 8PM to 10PM on Mondays and Wednesdays then 7PM-11PM on Fridays and nobody seems to get that, I do have to shuffle around a bit though

  7. I've played 90 hours of F1 2014 and 489 hours of F1 2013 and so far the same bugs are still in the game from 2013 and a few extras overall though this game s a lot better than 2013.

     I only do league racing though, single player is fairly boring for me because the AI are never fast enough and don't overtake properly even with mods.