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  1. geminiSunrise

    F1 2015 No Japanese version?

    http://codemasters.jp/20150327/  (Japanese language page) Japanese can't play F1 2015 ?
  2. geminiSunrise

    F1 2015 Team tier system?

    default(Australia GP version) Tier1:Mercedes,Ferrari,Williams Tier2:Redbull, Sauber,Lotus,Toro rosso Tier3:Force India,Mclaren,Manor
  3. ・F1 2015 new Safety car Mercedes AMG GT S ・F1 2015 new rule VSC system I wish import this system!
  4. 1~2 Mercedes 3~6 Red bull,Ferrari(ALO>RAI) 7~12 McLaren(MAG>BUT),Williams,Force India(HUL>PER) 13~14 Toro rosso 15~16 GRO,SUT 17~18 GUT,MAL 19~20 KOB,BIA 21~22 CHI,ERI
  5. geminiSunrise

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    My career Season 1 DNF avg 0.95(PS3) It's joke lol.
  6. geminiSunrise

    Patch confirmation?

    http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rebalanced-cars-performance.3819/ Great Mod. Williams and Toro rosso are too later than real F1. I need this Mod for PS3.
  7. Silver Stone, Spa, Suzuka, Sochi
  8. geminiSunrise

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    Very good information! @Hatta Please all tracks SC chance set for 1!
  9. geminiSunrise

    Career - First Impression

    Are you on PC, PS3 or XBOX? PS3.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_m3i4DCwn4http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW3goZqvaq0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y68agV27sfc My first career season,Safety car deployed  in monaco.(100% distance) Other people race, safety car deployed in monaco too. But other course,safety car didn't deployed by AI retired!
  11. geminiSunrise

    Realistic Patch requests

    I agreed!
  12. geminiSunrise

    Career - First Impression

    Change Tier,Please CM! @Hatta Williams Tier2→Tier1 Toro rosso Tier3→Tier2 Tier1:Mercedes,Red bull,Williams,Ferrari Tier2:Mclaren,Force India,Toro rosso Tier3:Lotus,Sauber Tier4:Marussia,Caterham
  13. geminiSunrise

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Annual event. Codemasters doesn't espouse your opinion every year. FP1&FP2,Formation lap,realistic replay camera,interview,paddock menu. 
  14. geminiSunrise

    F1 2014 Feedback Thread

    In real F1 2014, Williams and Toro rosso are faster than CM F1 2014. Please change Tier. Tier1:Mercedes,Red bull,Williams,Ferrari Tier2:Mclaren,Force India,Toro rosso Tier3:Lotus,Sauber Tier4:Marussia,Caterham (or) And,No tier change during the career season.(from F1 2013) Please come back F1 2012 spec Example Season1 Constructors Result 1Mercedes  2Redbull 3Ferrari 4 Williams 5McLaren 6Force India 7Toro rosso 8Lotus 9Sauber 10Marussia 11Caterham ↓↓↓ Season 2 Tier Tier1:Mercedes,Redbull,Williams Tier2:Ferrari,McLaren,Toro rosso Tier3:Force India,Lotus,Marussia Tier4:Sauber,Caterham
  15. ・Rain race F1 2014 in real Qualifying Australia, Malaysia,China,British,Belguim Race Hungary, Japan ・Rain race F1 2014 in my career mode Qualifying(long) Malaysia,Spain,America Race(100%) Malaysia,Spain,Monaco,Canada,Austria,Belguim,Singapore,Japan,Russia,Brazil lol ・Patch Idea Can select weather in career mode. Can Ignore mail's weather forecast! People hope dry race.