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    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    Possible? ・F1 2021 calender Imola (new) Algarve (new) Jeddah (new) ・For F2 2020 in F1 2021 Mugello (new) styrian(only billboard change) 70th anniversary(only billboard change) Sakhir (Bahrain Outer)
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    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Examination status?
  3. geminiSunrise

    F1 2015 No Japanese version?

    http://codemasters.jp/20150327/  (Japanese language page) Japanese can't play F1 2015 ?
  4. ・F1 2015 new Safety car Mercedes AMG GT S ・F1 2015 new rule VSC system I wish import this system!
  5. geminiSunrise

    F1 2015 Team tier system?

    default(Australia GP version) Tier1:Mercedes,Ferrari,Williams Tier2:Redbull, Sauber,Lotus,Toro rosso Tier3:Force India,Mclaren,Manor
  6. 1~2 Mercedes 3~6 Red bull,Ferrari(ALO>RAI) 7~12 McLaren(MAG>BUT),Williams,Force India(HUL>PER) 13~14 Toro rosso 15~16 GRO,SUT 17~18 GUT,MAL 19~20 KOB,BIA 21~22 CHI,ERI
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_m3i4DCwn4http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW3goZqvaq0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y68agV27sfc My first career season,Safety car deployed  in monaco.(100% distance) Other people race, safety car deployed in monaco too. But other course,safety car didn't deployed by AI retired!
  8. geminiSunrise

    F1 2014 patch&DLC wish list!

    ・Change Tier(patch) Williams Tier2→Tier1 Toro rosso Tier3→Tier2 Tier1:Mercedes,Red bull,Williams,Ferrari Tier2:Mclaren,Force India,Toro rosso Tier3:Lotus,Sauber Tier4:Marussia,Caterham ・Safety car start in 25%~100% distance(Patch) After Red flag(like British)&Heavy Wet(like Japan) Deploy only 1 lap. ・Circuit(DLC) Nurburgring Mexico City
  9. ・Rain race F1 2014 in real Qualifying Australia, Malaysia,China,British,Belguim Race Hungary, Japan ・Rain race F1 2014 in my career mode Qualifying(long) Malaysia,Spain,America Race(100%) Malaysia,Spain,Monaco,Canada,Austria,Belguim,Singapore,Japan,Russia,Brazil lol ・Patch Idea Can select weather in career mode. Can Ignore mail's weather forecast! People hope dry race.
  10. (I will update this discussion.) Hi,people.I live in Japan.And I bought F1 2014 for PS3.(I'm sorry that my English is not good enough. lol) 1.You can use flash back infinity! 2.Team tiers Tier1:Mercedes,Red bull,Ferrari Tier2:Williams,McLaren,Force India Tier3:Toro rosso,Lotus,Sauber Tier4:Marussia,Caterham Usually Qualify Result 1st 2nd:Mercedes 3rd 4th 5th 6th:Red bull,Ferrari 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th:Williams,McLaren,Force India 13th 14th:Toro rosso 15th 16th 17th 18th:Lotus Sauber 19th 20th:Bianchi Kobayashi 21th 22th:Chilton Ericsson I think Williams ≒ 2013 Lotus.My first 100% race,Massa is 3rd place finish! 3.Difficulty reference(Australia)(AI pole position time) Legend:1:27.3(One shot) Expert:1:29.4(One shot) My time(Mercedes):1:27.701 lol My Time Trial time in F1 2013(Red bull):1:21.790 So,2014AI is faster than 2013AI. 4.No Safety car lap 1 too. 5.You can start career mode on all team! 6.You can't edit gear box. 7.Tyre wear is easier than F1 2013 For example, 2 stops default in australia.And it's easy.(100% distance) But,I failed 1 stop strategy! lol (50% distance,2 stops too.) 8.Fuel is harder than F1 2012&2013. 9.No mistake AI.
  11. geminiSunrise

    2014 Bug

    ・Time Attack When Session Restart,Start by First gear.(over rev) ・Scenario Mode Mission「Sauber in SilverStone」,I finished 1st place. But mission was treated failed.
  12. geminiSunrise

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    My career Season 1 DNF avg 0.95(PS3) It's joke lol.
  13. geminiSunrise

    Patch confirmation?

    http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rebalanced-cars-performance.3819/ Great Mod. Williams and Toro rosso are too later than real F1. I need this Mod for PS3.
  14. Silver Stone, Spa, Suzuka, Sochi
  15. geminiSunrise

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    Very good information! @Hatta Please all tracks SC chance set for 1!
  16. geminiSunrise

    Career - First Impression

    Are you on PC, PS3 or XBOX? PS3.
  17. geminiSunrise

    Realistic Patch requests

    I agreed!
  18. geminiSunrise

    Career - First Impression

    Change Tier,Please CM! @Hatta Williams Tier2→Tier1 Toro rosso Tier3→Tier2 Tier1:Mercedes,Red bull,Williams,Ferrari Tier2:Mclaren,Force India,Toro rosso Tier3:Lotus,Sauber Tier4:Marussia,Caterham
  19. geminiSunrise

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Annual event. Codemasters doesn't espouse your opinion every year. FP1&FP2,Formation lap,realistic replay camera,interview,paddock menu. 
  20. geminiSunrise

    F1 2014 Feedback Thread

    In real F1 2014, Williams and Toro rosso are faster than CM F1 2014. Please change Tier. Tier1:Mercedes,Red bull,Williams,Ferrari Tier2:Mclaren,Force India,Toro rosso Tier3:Lotus,Sauber Tier4:Marussia,Caterham (or) And,No tier change during the career season.(from F1 2013) Please come back F1 2012 spec Example Season1 Constructors Result 1Mercedes  2Redbull 3Ferrari 4 Williams 5McLaren 6Force India 7Toro rosso 8Lotus 9Sauber 10Marussia 11Caterham ↓↓↓ Season 2 Tier Tier1:Mercedes,Redbull,Williams Tier2:Ferrari,McLaren,Toro rosso Tier3:Force India,Lotus,Marussia Tier4:Sauber,Caterham
  21. geminiSunrise

    2014 Bug

    @Hatta Yes.Thank you for message. When I start time attack first time,I placed in usually gear. But when I restart time attack(by start button menu),I placed 1 gear.(all 6 course) When I start first time or restart time trial(by start b utton menu),I placed usually gear. I think only time attack problem. In brazil,this bug is time loss. Because start in main street. I'm sorry that my English is not good enough.