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  1. Well, thanks for the support and everything - our paths crossed here for even less than three years, only a couple of months. I also wish you all the best for your next challenge. :smile: 
  2. Well, I understand and accept you don't want to, but I don't agree with your reasoning. To some, an over half a year old game could still be interesting, for example, if they picked it up (actively) a long time after release. I do feel like, though, that most of the players are on your wavelength. I just thought I'd give it shot and see if it happens.
  3. Congrats, man. :smile:  Yeah, that's one way to approach the start - the other is to roll as far ahead as possible to only have the slightest of your rear wheels in the zone. But that requires razor sharp reflexes and carries a disadvantage compared to the guy who starts more from the back (and thus can start earlier) all the way to the finish line. My guess is that you should use your method for the longer distances and the latter may be more beneficial on the shorter distances. Also, the longer distances work better for keyboard users, because then top speed counts for more and the st
  4. Thanks for the reply. I for one hope there will be a demand you guys consider high enough - in other words, count me in, but that's obvious, I think. :smile: 
  5. The entirely wrong conclusion therefore would be to shut this series down, or move back towards the style of Grid 2 (which is more popular online).   Your data is outdated. According to steam: * G2 - 800 * GAS - almost 1200 playing atm. Christmas sales helped i guess.  PC version of the game is generally working flawlessly online.  Let's hope it stays that way and player's base will rise in next few months. I noticed the same just after xmas, plus a lot of new low level players in lobbies, maybe there was a rash of GAS xmas pressies bought by parents?.... Hopefull
  6. I just hope they won't draw the wrong conclusion from their apparent lack of success with GAS. As you wisely point out, the core of GAS - the handling, the racing, the experience - is right, and apart from the diehard G2 fans, the majority of the fanbase likes these elements in it - it's just that the niggling issues and an inability to address it quickly enough chased them away. The entirely wrong conclusion therefore would be to shut this series down, or move back towards the style of Grid 2 (which is more popular online). Wrong - the solution would be to pay more attention to the 'details'
  7. I've been scrolling through the old forum threads from launch time and I must say from page 58 to about page 48 some of them were gold in terms of info on the game. Focus then inevitably shifted too much towards the negatives, such as save game corruption, fragmented online structure, various bugs, etc., but those early threads were about what is right about this game and the anticipation and I can only recommend reading them. One thing I was after - after reading a brief description about how the ever-elusive K&N Motorsport picks its drivers - was if there were other team profile descrip
  8. That seems to be quite a decent explanation. I hope the Codies listen and evaluate.
  9. Hi! There is a shortcut on the Silverstone track on every layout that includes the Vale chicane, Club corner and has the new post-2011 start/finish line. If you take the quicker path through the Vale chicane, the one that diverts to the left earlier, and continue off-track (on the tarmac run-off) all around the chicane and Club, then return to the track only after crossing the start/finish line (ideally, between the first and the second sandwich board), you don't get the track limit penalty. It saves you about 1 second in lap time, so it may be a bit difficult to spot on leaderboards. On a
  10. I brought up this a few weeks ago and reportedly, there's no such option and there won't be. For GRID Autosport, that is - I'm sure this hasn't escaped the attention of Codemasters and they will include it in their future GRID titles.
  11. Yeah, a gamepad is a touch better, because you can feed the throttle more gradually thereby decreasing the chance of spinning the wheels up due to too much throttle application. I guess you can turn TC on, but never rely on it - it should be there as a last resort. Then into the territories of using the clutch, but I have no experience on that field as far as drag racing is concerned in GAS. So you can hope someone will point you in the right direction.
  12. There are a couple of good interviews with the developers, in which they point out precisely what they changed compared to G1's handling. They also wrote a blog post on it. I haven't played G1, but based on what they've said, the handling certainly moved a bit more towards simulation in GAS. It isn't a full-on sim, but nor it's a full-on arcade anymore. And it may be that G1 was very much towards the arcade end of the spectrum, but G2 was there in a different way and that's what's a bit annoying. Yes, unreal amount of grip is... well, unreal, but so is a model in which it's always the fastest
  13. There are a couple, but first, I have to ask which platform are you on. Because keyboard users are at a genuine disadvantage there (due to wheel slip, mostly) compared to analog controller users.
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