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  1. Balage06

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Interesting, I tried the workaround suggested by multiple people in other forums: I manually disabled the HID controllers in the Device Manager one by one, disabling a specific entry indeed fixes the stuttering in both DR2 and D4.
  2. Balage06

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Out of curiosity, I checked the precedessors with the same PC - game controllers combo: - Dirt Rally runs without issues - I experience the same problem in DiRT4 too, I get these periodic stutters every 3-5 seconds when at least one of my controllers is plugged in (- F1 games are also free of this issue)
  3. Balage06

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Yeah, after further investigation, the steering wheel (Thrustmaster T300RS) causes the issue for me as well. As soon as I unplug the wheel and use the keyboard instead, the game runs just fine. But it seems that Dirt Rally 2.0 is the only game affected by this, even F1 2019 runs silky smooth with it.
  4. Balage06

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    I built a new PC two weeks ago and now I'm having the same issue. My config: ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING motherboard AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU (Stock settings) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB GPU 16GB DDR4 RAM 3200 MHz (DOCP profile) Windows 10 1903 64bit Input devices: Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition SHH Shifter Aiologs Handbrake (It's also worth mentioning that I had no performance issues before with a much older config and the same game controllers.) I have this periodic freeze described in the OP as well. It's also present in the menu and it's there regardless of graphic settings, even with everything turned off or set to low. I'll try to post a more detailed report later.
  5. Haha, okay, I figured it out. It turns out there are two separate keys in the box, one for the game and one for the DLC's. I only activated the latter and for some reason, it was enough for early access, but now that the game has been released, Steam was missing the other key. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I purchased a retail version of the Legends Edition in a local store. I successfully activated the game through Steam, I already have played about 3 hours. But today, Steam shows me the 'Purchase' button and I can't play anymore. Any advice?
  7. Balage06

    Season 1 content

    I have the same issue.
  8. Balage06

    F1 2019 wishlist

  9. I have an issue with the soft lock on classic rally cars. I tried with both 900 and 1080 degrees set in the Thrustmaster control panel, but the issue remains: After calibrating the T300 in-game and turning the soft lock on, the hand animation is fine with rallycross and modern rally cars, but it is off with classic cars (the virtual wheel turns less than my actual movements). If I set the "Cockpit driver & wheel" option to "Wheel only", then everything is fine, but I can't seem to correct the hand animation. Anyone else with the same problem?