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  1. That is good news. Some people saying that current state of WRC is pretty bad. Well I guess it is because of the lack of participants, but in other respects it is amazing, we have crazy cars, we have live coverage and really good drivers and even the rally legends coming back. While playing dirt games I allways thought that it would be really intertesting to have WRC rules and details so if that will be done properly, it will be a very interesting game. Also I wonder if new studios that Codies bought will be working on that title.
  2. This! I think Dirt Rally is fun with gamepad, but driving physics isn't its attraction point for me, but I really like the whole rally experience, but it is really far away from like WRC it made me think that devs don't really follow WRC. There are so many interesting nuances that could be in the game.
  3. Well it doesn't have better physics than RBR. It is funny how people want to call Dirt Rally 2 a simulator just because they really like this game and get a "I am a rally driver" feeling from it :]] I suggest anyone who calls Dirt Rally a sim, to go and get good at assetto corsa, iRacing or something similar and than comeback to dirt rally 2. Then you'll understand. That what happened to me with Dirt Rally 1, I couldn't take it serous no more. Good games though.
  4. Yeah, thought soo, I wouldn't expect to get real hardcore damage in Dirt game.
  5. Well after seeing some videos of the final version I can say that it looks better than Dirt 4 and maybe thane Dirt rally, I'm not sure. It doesn't really look groundbreaking, there is the same old physics engine with that effect of car being held by a rubber band at it's center, which is very obvious on tarmac, so the driver takes turns by doing little multiple slides.
  6. That would be awful. Is there some footage of hardcore damage though?
  7. I wonder of the ruts do anything or it's just visual? Because this and I saw in some other track that after rain the track looks very trashed and seems that it ride even in a straight line should be very difficult.
  8. What do you mean? Well everyone uses paddleshifter in wrc
  9. Me too. Will just have to try it and see I guess.  I just bought a second Gtx 970, so I guess it will be good if sli is supported, oh wait... I am not buying the game, well at least not now. 
  10. Yes, we have been doing this for 2 years in Dirt rally, but manually. Would be really cool  to have hot seat in game with all the service parks stuff etc.
  11. My impressions of the stream: - Porsche looked ok when John was driving it well, but when he made a mistake that should have resulted in a huge slide, the car just started to wiggle from side to side like on a rubberband or something.  - Somehow the handling looked more arcade than in previous builds. - Crash physics looked awful, car was stopped by the tree like a cardboard box.  - Tarmac physics looks very similar to Dirt 4. I guess it will be ok game to play with a controller, but really doesn't look like an improvement over dirt rally and really doesn't look like they are trying
  12. I bet they have a dishwasher, they are not making niche market hardcore sims after all.  
  13. Onrush was to arcade games, what D4 was to sims... Way overhyped, and even more arcade than expected...  Shouldn't being arcade be a good thing in arcade world lol?
  14. For me it seems that current engine can only handle one or the other, tightened physics of D4 or more loose physics of Dirt Rally. DR2 looks like it is more towards D4 type of physics with more oversteer 
  15. Oh, if it is a jump from a gamepad to a wheel then definitely go for it
  16. Yeah, reminds of Poland with extra widened roads. 
  17. Realist damage of components of the car would add lots of replayability. 
  18. Hey, can we just come to a compromise. Just enable real good support for Nvidia 3D vision, lol. But on a serious note, I just recently got up to set it up properly on a projector and it is really amazing in AC and Spin Tires, it worked well in Dirt Rally too.
  19. Hey, another rally of the WRC is starting and here is Tanak's off in shakedwon https://twitter.com/neilhatdell/stat...687768576?s=21 It got me thinking that we wouldn't probably get such a loss of traction in Dirt rally unlike other Rally game that people tend to call 'too difficult'. Don't mean to be positive or negative just sharing observations :] 
  20. I bet it wont be simulated at all.
  21. Well, actually the often mentioned Richard Burns Rally had this feature.  What? I have zero memories of that other than that there are ruts here and there.  Or are you talking about mods?  No, vanilla game. Have you beaten it? Or at least finished some championships? There are ruts but they get deeper over time depending on your starting position and also some cuts on inside corners get really rough, really fun:] 
  22. Well, actually the often mentioned Richard Burns Rally had this feature. 
  23. I remember in WRC Evolved it was cool that occasionally you'd have to take over slower broken down cars. 
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