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  1. @RedDevilKT Thank you! i'm looking forward to completing them!
  2. @RedDevilKT Hello! The concern is about the 3 achievements of the console, the same 3 removed from the computer version. Weekend Warrior - Complete a Weekly Grand Prix The Whole Event - Complete all events in a Weekly Grand Prix These 2 seemed to work until 4 of october. Featured Racer - Complete a Featured Event This one seemed to work until 12 of october. I'm asking if the issue with them is back (no more events) or it's just the timing. =)
  3. Hopefully this will be fixed. It's like a responsibility now after 9 years of games with working achievements. There is no reason to let everything go to waste in 2019. And we hope such things are not included in the next games until 2025.
  4. Will the achievements be patched because of this? It's an awful idea to add achievements to events that you plan to stop updating.
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