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  1. Timmsy123

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Clubs should be back up and working now, there are investigations taking place to try and ensure this doesn't happen again 🙂
  2. Timmsy123

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Hey @petozamo6428 we are looking into this now and will get it fixed as soon as possible 😀
  3. Timmsy123

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    That is great news! 🙂 here's hoping anyone else with this issue is now able to unlock the achievement too 😁
  4. Timmsy123

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Hey @tbtstt that it is unfortunate, reading what @Balazsryche mentions about deleting local save data as work around would possibly work. However the Career rally and rally cross events would be reset although the tier progression(difficulty) for those events should not be reset. you will still keep all your My Team money and cars in the your garage. This isn't an solution for the issue however its possible it may work to unlock the trophy but i would rather not recommend people to delete the save so do so at your own risk. also all other mode progress e.g Historic, World rallycross championship would get reset, if you are on PS4 with PS plus you could use the cloud save system to upload your save before deleting it and retrieve it again once you get the trophy. hope this helps 🙂, i will take a further look into this as there must be some sort of save issue between patches which causes this trophy not to pop
  5. Hey @Pfei Thanks for the reply! Good to hear this seems to be fixed! let me know if it occurs again and i will investigate it further 🙂
  6. Hey @Riggs is this still an issue for you? in a clubs race when paused the settings are greyed out for me when trying to edit them Thanks 🙂
  7. Timmsy123

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Hey @tbtstt okay thanks for letting me know, i logged an issue in our system for investigation even though i had no trouble unlocking the trophy. A dev has put in a potential fix that will be included in the next patch 🙂
  8. Timmsy123

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Hey @tjetfiat we will continue to investigate your issue, however currently we have no issues unlocking the trophy our end.
  9. Timmsy123

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Hey @tjetfiat, have you tried setting up a custom rally event with 4 stages using the following weather settings for each stage? the conditions highlighted in bold are what is needed for the trophy to unlock Daytime / Clear / Dry surface Sunset/overcast/ dry surface Daytime/rain/wet surface Daytime/cloudy/wet surface i did it on Australia and the trophy popped Give it a go and let me know if it works 🙂