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  1.  i have pre ordered DIRT4 via steam do get i DIRT 4 on 6 or 9 i live in Greece  E.U
  2. ok will i be able play dirt 4 at medium  or high specs at least with my specs
  3. hi spec quaestion will my pc handle DIRT 4 played dirt rally on max i7 -6700 -3.40ghz GeForece GTX 950x2Gb 8Gb ram 1900x1080 screen
  4.  hi is there any info if  Dirt 4 will surport  5.1 speakers  
  5. I realy liked DIRT RALLY  i have also pre ordered DIRT 4 but what wories me is the amount of  negative comments (2011 graphics etc.) on dirt chanel videos on youtube  i fear that this might have  big negative  impact on the sales of  DIRT 4 in my opinion the advertisement of the game is poor a gameplay video must be released   thanks for reading
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