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  1. Get rid off auto sport very bad game much much much better races on all consoles
  2. I have friends all over our planet and we can hook up nothing like beating your bros kudos rule
  3. Been waiting for that answer for about 2 weeks Now I can trade grid autosport and play f1 2014
  4. Is the. Rearveiw mirror patch comming to ps3
  5. The game plays beautifully no freezing at all NEVER HAD A PROBLEM AT ALL just want to know if rear veiw mirror patch for ps3 is comming im playing f1 2014. Untill all problems are resolved
  6. I was over the moon when I heard grid was comming back with autosport as grid 1 was epic some off the best racing ever things have moved on but common sense tell you codemasters that a rushed job is allways abad job no rearveiw mirror but more inexcusable no reply from codemasters employees sent 15 text messages via forums i got no reply i'm never buying another grid game ever again
  7. How much is the drag dlc and is there any news on the rear view mirror for the ps3
  8. Is there any news on the rear view mirror patch for ps3 cm keep dodgeing my question and not giving a proper answer cm wake up
  9. Any news on when the drag dlc is out for ps3 thanx
  10. Ive been told that the rearveiw mirror patch is just for pc so all consoules can suck pitty im with the suckers on ps3
  11. codemasters are good at takin your money and shit sorting problems
  12. I think codemasters have missed some important tracks and cars and no rearveiw mirror epic fail
  13. Have u heard anything about the rearveiw mirror patch for ps3
  14. are we getting rearveiw mirror on ps3 ive left soany text and got no answers
  15. Ive been talking to someone thay said only pc are getting the rearveiw mirror patch your feedback is more than welcome
  16. Have you any ideas when the new patch is arriveing and the drag dlc any news would be good thnx
  17. were is the patch promised before october for rear veiw and drag racin pack i think its poor codemasters to have us driving blind over dates and feed back
  18. Were is the new patch ment to be here before october another bullshit line by codemasters to keep us spending money and playing there games 
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