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  1. Good morning. I've passed on a link to this thread to the relevant designers to investigate. Thank you
  2. Don't forget that WRC cars in the 00's were allowed electronic differentials. The Skoda has fully active, whilst the Citroen C4 has an electronic centre diff. R5 cars are not allowed electronic differentials and also no centre diff.
  3. That is as intended so what I said was correct. I'll add feedback that having the value exposed may be of use to the player.
  4. Sorry, seems I can't read my own work 😣 The range is 30 to 70. Default is 55. It would mean that the increments moving up are 3, but down is 5. Which is a little strange so I'll ask around as it's not quite how I intended.
  5. It works as the website suggests. So both horizontal and vertical. You can change it on bumper, bonnet and head camera.
  6. No problem. I have noted it that we should display what the value is to the player. Hopefully we can integrate this moving forward in service or future titles.
  7. Default is 55. It moves in increments of 5. Going up to 70, or down to 35.
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