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  1. cmMikeRobson

    Hidden handling effects

    Are all assists off? Are we talking FWD touring cars?
  2. cmMikeRobson

    Auto steering angle?

    You can change it in game. If you set your wheel in the TM panel to full rotation (1080 degrees for the T500RS I think) and then calibrate in game you can use steering saturation to reduce the steering angle to the same for all cars. For example, set your saturation to 50% and you will have 540 degrees lock in all cars. Or, calibrate your wheel to the max rotation and then turn soft lock to ON. This will lock your angle of rotation depending on car. So F1 will be 360, many races cars will be 540 etc.
  3. cmMikeRobson

    Seat adjustments like DR1 and DR2.0 ?

    It has dash camera (like DR1) and head camera. Currently no seat adjustment.
  4. cmMikeRobson

    Missing possibility to set brake saturation

    You should be able to if you edit the device and go into the settings. Make sure you have calibrated your device first.
  5. cmMikeRobson

    Some pre-buy questions

    The blog says "Unknown devices can be configured via in-game menus". Even if not officially supported you should be able to plug in and configure your device. Also, seat/camera positional changes in cockpit camera - not at this time.
  6. cmMikeRobson

    Real Concerns Instead of Superficial Ones.

    We have attempted to balance the cars within a class so that they are all competitive. This already happens naturally with the categories of cars we put together so they begin naturally balanced to a point. Of course remember that cars will still feel different and have different strengths and weaknesses. Some cars may be suited to certain kinds of track but not others.
  7. cmMikeRobson

    Upcoming dash cam?

    It's a fixed position I believe. It will work the same as the new dash camera. Expect the same functionality. That depends on car. Modern cars they ended up being similar as the driver and displays are moved further back for weight distribution. The new position was liked by Paul C, Jon likes it as well as others. So we ended up going with it at launch. It's not just FoV you have to consider but also potential clipping issues with the camera. You're very close to the dash and the front pillar on many cars. Increasing FoV can expose that, which is one of the reasons it isn't currently allowed. Different engine, different cars (see issues in above comment), different tracks...
  8. cmMikeRobson

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Hello Bringing back the original dash camera as an addition to, or replacement of, the new dash camera has been on the cards since about a year ago. We trialled the new position during the beta phase and feedback was split between the new and old positions. We decided to go with the new position and monitor feedback in regards to bringing back the old position. After a few months it became clear that it would be well received if we brought back the position used in DiRT Rally and DiRT4. It has taken some time to do so because of our work commitments on GRID. We will continue to monitor the feedback given to implement new features in to DR2.0 or future titles. In regards to FoV, it is a wider topic we have to discuss in the development team because of performance issues. This is why it is allowed on PC but not on consoles. I would hope that moving forward to the next generation, whenever that may be, they will have the capability to allow us to easily add the same functionality to consoles as there is on PC.
  9. cmMikeRobson

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

  10. cmMikeRobson

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Good morning. I've passed on a link to this thread to the relevant designers to investigate. Thank you
  11. cmMikeRobson

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Don't forget that WRC cars in the 00's were allowed electronic differentials. The Skoda has fully active, whilst the Citroen C4 has an electronic centre diff. R5 cars are not allowed electronic differentials and also no centre diff.
  12. cmMikeRobson

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    That is as intended so what I said was correct. I'll add feedback that having the value exposed may be of use to the player.
  13. cmMikeRobson

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Sorry, seems I can't read my own work 😣 The range is 30 to 70. Default is 55. It would mean that the increments moving up are 3, but down is 5. Which is a little strange so I'll ask around as it's not quite how I intended.
  14. cmMikeRobson

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    It works as the website suggests. So both horizontal and vertical. You can change it on bumper, bonnet and head camera.